Time trial series 4/4

Tuesday 3rd May


The last of the time trial league efforts and the conditions were dry and a slight wind that at times seemed to be moving in all directions!! Well done to all who took part!! Also, thank you to Andy and Kevin for doing the times and marshaling on the event. Much appreciated!!

As can be seen over the course of the 4 time trials there were some marked time improvements and shows the value of regular time trialing in order to make good improvement. The hour was broken for the first time on the 36k route and we had a big number in the 20k breaking the 50min and 40min barriers.

We plan to run another time trial league later on in the season so watch this space!!!

Well done to all 30+ members who made the effort to attend this event!!

Time trial 4

Name Distance Time
Derek Bowen 36k 58:47
Paul Scully 36k 1:04:10
Cliodhna McGrath 36k 1:06:07
Ramon Rodriguez 36k 1:10:25
Geraldine Kyne 36k 1:15:28
Ronan O Driscoll 20k 35:00
Eddie O’Meara 20k 35:22
Daniel Yon-Hin 20k 35:45
Conor Brennan 20k 37:30
Patrick Yon-Hin 20k 38:17
Bill Maher 20k 38:32
David Molamphy 20k 39:02
John Ryan 20k 40:02
Odhran O’Driscoll 20k 41:25
John Meagher 20k 42:10
John Moylan 20k 42:10
Carmel Finn 20k 44:41
Sinead Lee 20k 47:40
Aoise Wycherley 10k 27:53

Time trial Overall

Name Distance TT 01 TT 02 TT 03 TT 04 FAST PACE
Derek Bowen 36k x 1:00:58 1:00:05 58:47 23.0mph
Paul Scully


36k x x x 1:04:10 21.1mph
Will Rymer


36k x 1:04:28 x x 20.9mph
Cliodhna McGrath 36k 1:06:10 x x 1:06:07 20.4mph
Majella Moyles 36k 1:07:00 x x x 20.1mph
Ramon Rodriguez 36k x x 1:19:12 1:10:25 19.1mph
Geraldine Kyne 36k 1:11:32 x x 1:15:28 18.9mph
John Ryan


36k x 1:20:20 x x 16.8mph
Paul Scully


20k x 34:45 x x 21.8mph
Andrew McLoughlin 20k 34:50 x x x 21.7mph
Ronan O Driscoll 20k 36:52 35:51 36:07 35:00 21.5mph
Ken Hassett


20k 35:30 35:45 35:22 x 21.1mph
Eddie O’Meara 20k 36:00 x 35:50 35:22 21.1mph
Daniel Yon-Hin 20k 37:51 36:50 x 35:45 20.9mph
David Sheahan 20k x 36:02 x x 20.8mph
John Meagher 20k 36:45 40:23 x 42:10 20.4mph
Brian McLoughlin 20k 37:06 x x x 20.3mph
Conor Brennan 20k 38:28 38:00 x 37:30 20.0mph
Barry Creamer 20k 38:12 x 38:10 x 19.6mph
Ronan Walsh 20k 38:11 38:40 x x 19.6mph
Patrick Yon-Hin 20k 39:12 x x 38:17 19.5mph
Bill Maher


20k 40:03 x 40:26 38:32 19.3mph
Eoin O’Connor 20k 38:55 x 41:15 x 19.2mph
David Molamphy 20k 41:24 x x 39:02 19.2mph
Odhran O’Driscoll 20k 40:38 39:09 41:34 41:25 19.1mph
John Ryan


20k x x x 40:02 18.8mph
John Moylan


20k x 42:48 x 42:10 17.9mph
Carmel Finn


20k x 47:30 46:42 44:41 16.8mph
Denis Ryan


20k x 46:20 x x 16.1mph
Sinead Lee


20k 51:25 50:47 51:15 47:40 15.7mph
Mary Donnellan 20k 50:00 x x x 15.0mph
Ciara Sherlock 10k 21:28 20:47 x x 18.1mph
Aoise Wycherley 10k x 28:05 24:18 27:53 15.5mph
Paula O Dwyer 10k 28:19 x x x 13.3mph
Dawn Cole


10k x x 28:26 x 13.2mph


Wednesday 4th May

Run series

Tomorrow the run series continues and we over the half way point so if you are still to post a time then no better time to do so than tomorrow!!!!

Warm-up at Nenagh College at 6:30pm with the run starting at 7pm.

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