Time Trial Series 4/4 – Results

Time Trial Series

Perfect conditions for the final in the Time trial series and some fast times on all three of the circuits. This concludes the time trials for this season so thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend this session.

Stay tune for more details on our new cycling session starting next Tuesday…we will have an update on this later in the week.

Name Distance Time
Shane Scully 36k 54:20
Ger Kirby 36k 55:40
David Molamphy 20k 37:05
Ken Hassett 20k 37:50
Geraldine Kyne 20k 39:15
Ronan O’Driscoll 20k 40:30
Odie O’Driscoll 20k 42:40
Brenda Ryan 20k 42:55
Conor Kirby 10k 17:55
Darragh Kyne 10k 19:55
Michael Kyne 10k 20:05
Aoise Wycherley 10k 23:20
Aoife Duggan 10k 24:15
Faye Molamphy 10k 24:45
Robert Duggan 10k 31:30
Lauren 3.6k 29:00

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