Thursday training

The attendances for the first week have been really great and the hope would be that it would continue for the upcoming sessions. For Thursday we have 2 sessions as has been the usual over the winter training period.

Swimming: The usual morning swim takes place at 6.40am. As mentioned previously the sessions in the morning will be easier and focus mainly on stroke development and this session is no different, focusing on stroke coordination and improving turns. The session will be 2k in length and we would hope to see enough members to have 3 lanes. If you have been out of the pool these sessions are ideal to get back into the swing of things!!

Running: The running sessions will begin tomorrow evening at 6.30pm and for the first few weeks will stay within the confines of the CBS while there is a sufficient light. These sessions will largely focus on aerobic base building and will be timed repetitions so requires a watch!! The total length will be between 5-10k. These sessions will gradually increase in distance and intensity so starting now will make it much easier so we hope to see a good turn out!!!

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