Thursday Brick Session

The Thursday night brick session was well attended and teamed up with the racing group for a joint warm up out to Moneygall. From there the race group started their roll over session to Roscrea and back while the Brick group headed straight back to Nenagh for the combined bike/run session.
A brick session emulates the race – where you only take a handful of minutes after getting off the bike before heading out to run, its an  invaluable training tool –  wobbly legs are something totally new when you do your first brick.
As triathletes will tell you, getting the legs running properly and efficiently off the bike can be a real challenge. This is particularly due to the lack of activation of the glute muscles coming off the bike, as you begin to run.
The term “brick” has multiple claims of origination. Among those is the derivation from a partial anagram of Bike-Run, it may  also be a descriptive term for how your legs feel for the first part of the run (like bricks). Another is credited to Mark Sisson and Scott Zagarino (1988), who associated the term brick with the idea of “Just another brick in the wall”… as per the song by the group “Pink Floyd”!
All agreed that our brick session worked well, with a good warm up, a hard roll over session and a short but sharp(ish) run session. More members for next Thursday please!

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