Taking the Next Step

Circuit training is not enough! It was great to see so many people at yesterday’s circuit training class. We hope the body recovers soon. As you all know, one training session per week is not enough to lose weight / get fit / finish a triathlon. Try and build up the amount of training sessions you do slowly over time. Training with a group is highly beneficial so take the next step up the training ladder – select an additional (free) training session from our timetable and go for it.

  • For beginners: the next step up would be – attending the Wednesday evening run that starts at the Tesco car park @ 6:00pm. This is taken at an easy pace and you just do what you can. You might find it a little tougher if it’s your first time out but before long things will get much easier. Stay positive and stay turning up.
  • For more advanced trainers: look towards attending the Wednesday evening swim, Saturday morning cycle or Friday run.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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