Swimming Info

Our new €4 entry special offer kicked off this morning. We had our highest number of morning swimmers, with 3 lanes back in operation.

Stroke Work Session: Things continue on Wednesday evening with our stroke work session. For those in the beginner lane, hopefully some of ye have been down to the pool during the week to practice some of the things you learned last week. Many of ye are struggling with sinking legs – I want you to familiarise yourself with why this happens by reading the following page > Swim Smooth Sinking Legs (only takes 5 minutes to read!)

Swimming Togs: Also, many of the swimmers are turning up in baggy shorts. These make swimming very hard. You will just have to grin and bear it and buy a pair of proper swimming togs. You can buy them online by clicking > Wiggle Swim Shorts – the Speedo Endurance Plus Jammers are a decent pair and should last a long time (unless you are Keith Butler who goes through a pair a month).

Oh yes….it’s another special offer!!!!: For new members to our swim group – if we see you attending our Wednesday evening technique session for at least 3 weeks (we only want to offer this to people who seem serious about swimming with the club) then we will offer you 2 free one-on-one swim technique lessons at a time that suits you. These sessions will help you pinpoint exactly what is right and wrong about your stroke and how you can go about improving. Lessons will start next week so revisit this website for more details. This offer will end at Christmas so try and attend our Wednesday sessions now.


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