Sunday brick session

Brick session

The first of the club brick sessions will take place tomorrow. There will a be a number of such sessions over the coming months that will focus on various aspects of triathlon racing. As this is the first such session it has been designed to not be too strenuous (and more importantly be well over before the rugby!!). This will be an aerobic session with a bike component followed directly by a run.

Bike: (09:30 or 10:30 Abbey court)

There are 2 options for the bike and 2 starting times. Route 1 will commence from the Abbey court at 09:30 and will be a 25km loop that will come back to the Abbey court for 10.30. At 10.30 we will commence on Route 2, Toomevara and back, on a 20km loop.

These sessions are designed for all levels. The pace for this first session will be around 15-17mph for both route 1 and route 2. If you are new to these sessions and find this pace a bit too much then bring a watch and time yourself out and back for around 20min each way.


Once we are back at the Abbey court it will be straight off the back and into the CBS for a timed run of either 20 or 30 min. As the pitches are still closed this will be confined to the track and if you wish can also include the hill adjacent to the track.

brick route

Remember to bring your runners!!!!

We aim to run one or two sessions like this every month but can only do so if they are supported by club members so hopefully we will see a decent turn up for these!!

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