Summer Training – Week 12

A quiet week in relative terms compared to the start of the month but the good weather has meant all sessions and some bonus sessions have been well attended! On the International stage in the meantime club members Sheila Gregan and Darren Dunne has been blazing a trail so well done to both!!!!

The European Transplant + Dialysis games 2018


A Tipperary woman has cycled her way to victory and won a Gold medal on the third day of events at the 10th European Transplant & Dialysis Sports Championships in Sardinia in the 20km cycling event. Sheila Gregan, a kidney transplant recipient triathlete from Nenagh also won 2 Silver medals for the 5km race on Monday and in the 50m freestyle swimming event yesterday. 25 nations are competing in the weeklong games which come to a close this weekend.

Sheila Gregan’s 20km cycling event took place on the circuit between Cagliari and Quartu. Sheila won her Gold medal today in the cycling event in her 40-49 year age category said, “I am thrilled with the result. I was third overall in the race and Gold in my age category. It’s Day Three and I’ve finished all my events. It’s been a perfect three days for me. I’m finishing on a high. I do this because I can and that’s all thanks to my donor”.

The Irish team of 10 women and 13 men ranging in age from 31 to 80 and includes 20 athletes who underwent kidney, pancreas or liver transplants as well 3 dialysis patients. The team are competing amongst competitors from 25 nations which for the first time in the Championships history will include Russia and Kazakhstan. The European Transplant & Dialysis Sports Championships are a celebration of life and showcase the value of sport and regular physical activity for people on dialysis and transplant recipients.

The European Transplant & Dialysis Sports Championships are open to all kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, bone marrow transplant recipients as well as dialysis patients. The multi-sport event includes athletics, badminton, cycling, darts, golf, mini marathon, petanque, swimming, table tennis, tennis, ten pin bowling, virtual triathlon and the hosts have also added archery and surf-casting. Athletes are divided into six age groups (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+). Swimming and track and field bring the sporting specialties total to 39.

The Irish Kidney Association is looking forward to bringing the biennial European Games back to Ireland in 2020 after it successfully hosted the 6th European Transplant & Dialysis Games in Dublin in 2010 which attracted over 500 participants and supporters from 23 countries. The Irish Kidney Association is the charity organisation which manages Transplant Team Ireland’s participation at British, European and World Transplant Games events.

For more information on the 10th European Transplant & Dialysis Sports Championships and the Irish athletes visit the team blog www.transplantteamireland.wordpress.com or visit the Games website http://www.cagliarietdsc2018.it

Organ Donor Cards can also be obtained by phoning the Irish Kidney Association tel. 01 6205306 or Free text the word DONOR to 50050. Visit websitewww.ika.ie/get-a-donor-cardor download the ‘Digital Organ Donor card’. Your wishes to be an organ donor can also be included on the new format driving licence which is represented by Code 115.

The European Trek…..


For those that have not been getting the updates, Darren Dunne has been hopping around Europe attending any race of note on the European calendar….we will no doubt get an update on the blog on his return but if you have not been keeping up to date well the links are below!!!






Upcoming Events

A reminder that the club sessions are in full flow with our upcoming trip to Galway now only a few weeks away! So the big events for the club that remain on the schedule.
  • Saturday 14th July – Club weekend to Tribesman triathlon Galway
  • September 2018 – End of Year swim / AGM
  • October 28th – Dublin City marathon (specific training starting in July)
There will also be club members attending a number of triathlons and running events and we will detail these closer to the date, so keep an eye on the website / Viber group.

Dromineer Series 

The Dromineer series continues this Wednesday and we are now in the 5th of 6 triathlons prior to the Galway trip.
As ever if anyone is free and not intending to do the triathlon on Wednesday then it would be great if you could help out with the times and keeping an eye on the bikes in the transition area. Let us know if you are free on the Viber group during the week if you are free…thanks!!

 NTW Open Road race


The North Tipp Wheelers are holding a race in July and are looking for some help on the marshal side of things. A number of club members are members of the club so if you are free on July 8th to help out for a couple of hours then get in contact with the club using the contact details on the race poster.

Weekly training

Swimming sessions: 2 morning sessions this week. Tuesday will be a short interval set while Thursday will be a middle distance interval set.

Shorter versions for the novice lane will be supplied on the morning and will cover 1-1.5k.



  Tuesday 26th June  
Warm-up 200m f/c easy-stroke  
  1 x 50m b/c easy-stroke  
  200m f/c breathe on 4th  
  1 x 50m b/c easy-stroke 500m
Main-set 5 x 100m f/c  
  5 x 50m f/c  
  1 x 50m b/c easy                     x 3            (2400m)  
  4 x 25m f/c sprint                                      (100m) 2500m
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 3200m



  Thursday 28th June  
Warm-up 300m f/c descending set  
  every 4th length b/c  
  breathe every 4th stroke  
Main-set 2 x 400m f/c  
  2 x 200m f/c                            x 2              (2400m)  
  4 x 25m f/c sprint                                      (100m)  
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 3450m



Running sessions: We are on the track on Monday with a 400m repeat set. On Wednesday here will be a mix of 2k / 5k runs out on the Dromineer circuit from 7pm.



  Monday 25th June  
Warm-up 15min easy 3000m
Main-set 1 x 50m build  
  1 x 50m drill                                     x 4    (800m)  
  16 x 400m (40min interval)  
  1min recovery between each               (6400m)  
Novice 12 x 400m (30min interval)  
  1min recovery between each                 (4000m)  
Cool-down 800m easy 800m
TOTAL 9400m


Bike sessions:  2 session this week. Tuesday will be another run of our rolling over session and will cover 36k with a rolling over period. We will make a call on the location later in the week. On Wednesday we return to Dromineer and will cover the 19k bike section on the Dromineer series.



The full weekly schedule:


Day Morning Evening
 Monday Track session: 7pm

CBS Track

Tuesday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

Rolling over session: 7pm

Leisure Centre

Wednesday Dromineer series: 7pm

Dromineer front car park


Thursday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

Sunday  Open water swim: 6pm

Youghalarra quay


 Have a good week out there!

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