Start of the Triathlon Season

Tri Laois: It has been a long wait but finally the triathlon season gets underway on Saturday, April 4th with a pool based sprint distance triathlon in Portlaoise. There are a number of club members taking part – Edward O’Meara, Barry Creamer and PJ Brett. Lets hope they get off to a good start. Make sure to send in a race report.

Best of luck!!

Triathlon updates in the future

Some of the girls in the club have kindly offered to be responsible for ensuring the triathlon side of the club is kept in the news a little more on this website. Hopefully we can get a lot more publicity going for the triathlon side of the club. It has definitely been neglected over the last while. The girls can give more details in a future post – so tune back in over the weekend.

Remember though that all our triathletes have a responsibility too = start signing up for races, send in reports & photos, turn up to training, attend our Dromineer races. Let the girls know what ye are doing and think of ways we can develop the tri side of the club. If ye want the tri side of the club to start flourishing once again then those taking part need to step up to the plate and drive the thing forward. Be a good club member and play a part in making the club a better one for everyone.

The week wouldn’t be the same without a little rant from little Hitler himself…….

With Shane focusing on cycling only this year he is out of the loop with regards to much of what is going on with the tri side of the club. If things get left out of the website notes, it is not on purpose. He would like to remind others (after being lectured about letting down the club a few minutes after coming home from a 2.5 hour training session with our juniors!! and that coming 12 hours after coaching the beginner swim for the tri club!) that updating the website is not just a job for him to do. Anyone who wants to can update the website or our Facebook page and plenty of people in the club know how to but just won’t take the time to do it. The problem isn’t always (although to be fair, most of the time it is)  ‘but sure Shane isn’t doing anything about that’.

If you want the access details to our website and an ‘Idiot’s Guide to Updating Our Website‘ then email little Hitler at scully.shane@gmail.com.

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