St. Stephen’s Day Cycle

A few of the lads in the club are organising a series of long cycles over the Christmas. With everyone on holidays, there is no better time to get a few miles in the legs. Each spin will be 80+ miles long, with an average speed of 18 – 19 mph. This cycle is open to everyone in the club that feels like they can handle the distance and average speed. The focus is distance not speed.

The first cycle takes place on Dec 26th. This cycle is 89 miles long.
Route: Nenagh > Dolla > Tipperary Town > Glen of Aherlow > Cashel > Thurles > Nenagh.

There is an option to go from Tipperary Town straight to Cashel if you are finding it tough.

There will be a 10 min food stop in Cashel.

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