Spring Training – Week 5

Weekly Update

The end has come for the run and time trial series and so are focus of attention will be out towards the lake and the return of the open water and Dromineer series. We have a number of new sessions coming up in the following weeks so try and make as many as possible…and as always we are always on the look out for new people to try the various sessions on offer!

Clonmel 10k


A number of club members made the trip to Clonmel for the 10k and what was a warm and sunny day for running. Well done to Sheila, Mary, Margaret, Catriona, Majella and Geraldine!

Club Training weekend – Lahinch – CANCELLED

The proposed training weekend to Lahinch has be to cancelled as there was not enough interest to make the cycle and trip overall viable. This is unfortunate as last years event although again small in participation was a great laugh and enjoyed by all.

The next Club event is the trip to Sligo for the Hazelwood National Series event. As Lahinch has been cancelled the price for this trip will be €50 per person (same price for 1 or 2 nights) so for those going if you can give the money to a committee member at some stage!

Couch to “Try a tri”

Just a reminder that this week we are starting the 4 week preparation session for the 2 try a tri events in June so if you know anyone who would be interested then let them know! Details can be found on the poster below and pre-booking for the pool session is required. Sessions will continue over the course of the month based on sufficient interest!

Couch to try a tri


Lough Derg Sprint / Try a tri 2017


Again a reminder (as to date we have very few internal club entries!!!!) the Lough Derg sprint is only 6 weeks away now!! Similar to last year this event finds itself on a very busy weekend on the TI calendar so will again need a bit of selling and for this we again will need input from club members. We hope that as many members as possible can do the event and if possible bring someone to do the event or to help with the marshal side of things.

More information on the event can be found by clicking the link below.

Lough Derg Sprint


Weekly training

The club are organising a number of additional sessions in preparation for the open water triathlon season. These sessions are explained in more detail below and we hope that we can get a good show of members for as many of these as possible!

Tuesday Evening: Cycle session

The club are organising a number of cycle sessions on Tuesday evenings in conjunction with the couch to Try a tri bike session. Our aim is to try and entice as many of our cyclists to get back on the bike for some group cycling. We plan to have 2-3 groups of various abilities and will plan to cover from 10-40k with a small increase over the course of the month.

This session will only be possible if there is support from the club members, we do not intend the cycle to be so challenging and so we hope that we can get a good showing for this.

The plan is to meet at the Leisure centre for 6.30pm and from there we will put the groups together for the road.

Wednesday Evening: Triathlon session

A number of club members will be making an early start with some informal triathlon sessions out at Dromineer over the Lough Derg Sprint course. These will be non-timed and informal just to acclimatise to wetsuits, transitions and open water swimming prior to the official Dromineer sessions commencing later in the month. The time is yet to be finalised but will be between 6-7pm and we will confirm this.

Sunday Evening: Open-water swimming session

A few brave members are already back in the lake so for any other brave souls we are opening the Sunday evening open water sessions. These follow the usual format and start at 6pm out in Youghalarra.

These sessions are only for experienced swimmers in open water conditions. The club will be organising a number of beginner open water sessions later on so if you are new to open water swimming we will confirm these sessions in a later bulletin.

Swimming sessions: 2 morning sessions this week.  Tuesday morning will be a middle distance set while Thursday is a power set.

Shorter versions for the novice lane will be supplied on the morning and will cover 1-1.5k.


  Tuesday 9th May  
Warm-up 300m f/c descending set  
  every 4th length b/c  
  breathe every 4th stroke  
Main-set 1 x 400m f/c  
  3 x 200m f/c                            x 2              (2000m)  
  4 x 25m f/c sprint                                      (100m)  
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 3050m


  Thursday 11th May  
Warm-up 300m f/c descending set  
  every 4th length b/c  
  breathe every 4th stroke  
Main-set 2 x 100m f/c kick (f)  
  2 x 200m f/c power  
  4 x 100m f/c power            x 2                  (2000m)  
  4 x 25m f/c sprint                                       (100m) 2100m
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 3050m

Running session: The run session this week will focus on 1k intervals and will have a shorter novice version on offer.

  Monday 8th May  
Warm-up 15min easy 3000m
Main-set 1 x 100m build  
  1 x 100m drill                                     x 3    (600m)  
  1km x 6 increasing pace  
  90sec recovery between each               (6000m)  
Novice 1km x 4 increasing pace  
  90sec recovery between each  (4000m)  
Cool-down 800m easy 800m
TOTAL 10400m

The full weekly schedule:

Day Morning Evening
 Monday Run session: 6:30pm

Nenagh CBS

Tuesday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

Bike Session: 6:30pm

Leisure Centre

Wednesday Triathlon set: 6-7:00pm


Wed swim: 8:00pm

Leisure Centre

Thursday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

Cycling league: 7:00pm


Friday Fri swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Saturday Saturday cycle: 9am

Abbey Court hotel

Sunday  Sunday Swim: 6pm

Youghalarra pier


 Have a good week out there!

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