Sports Nutrition study

Should be of interest to any of our triathletes!!…….


Below is information on a study being conducted by the Life sciences Department in UL, starting in November. A lot of triathletes spend a small fortune on having dietary and body composition assessments carried out, so for this assessment alone it would be worth signing up!!!!

Dear Nenagh Triathlon Club,
We are interested in looking at whether recreational triathletes meet sports nutrition recommendations, especially in terms of energy requirements.
To do this, we are interested in recruiting ~20 non-elite endurance athletes similar to those holding membership with your club.
 The study involves:
 ·         Dietary assessment
·         Body composition analysis
·         Urinary analysis of specific nutrient levels
 From the participant perspective, just two visits to the laboratory in UL is all that is required.
All participants will receive feedback on their results once the final analysis has been complete.


If anyone is interested from the triathlon side (we checked and it is triathlon specific) then let Paul know by text or on the Viber group!!



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