Senior Nenagh CC – Saturday Bike Route

Saturday Cycle: we are onto our 3rd route this Saturday. We will focus on 3 or 4 routes in total for the next few months. Each time we repeat a route you should be able to go further and the group ride itself should proceed more smoothly, as we will all know what is expected on each cycle. This new bike route is very similar in format to last weeks – we just go in a different direction.

Bike Route: Nenagh – Roscrea – Birr – Borrisokane – Ardroney- Nenagh

Beginner Cyclists: We don’t expect you to do all of this. You should be aiming to tag along for as long as you can on the Dublin road only. You can turn back at any point. If you turn back for home at Moneygall then you will have done 20 miles; this is more than enough for most beginner cyclists. If you turn at the Roscrea roundabout you will have done 39 miles. It is up to you how far you want to go – just make sure not to overdo it. We will be doing these routes again so you can easily track your progress.



Route Explantion: The flat road to Roscrea should feel very easy. When we reach Roscrea we will split into two groups. The first group will get a headstart as the other group will loop back on the roundabouts. From Roscrea to Birr, we want to see each group try some pace line work with a single line and 30 seconds up front each. The pace for this shouldn’t be hard – we are just focusing on pace line technique. We will then regroup in Birr and cycle together to Borrisokane. The second interval session will start at Borrisokane. Again, we will split into two groups for this, with the first group getting a few minutes head start. Choose whichever group you want to go with. We will roll over into the meat factory in Nenagh.

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