Senior Cycle Report: andale, andale, arriba!

Things got a little bit more serious at today’s cycle. As we inch ever closer to Nenagh CC’s debut season on the open racing circuit, training has been getting steadily tougher. 25 cyclists turned up to today’s cycle with a large contingent of racing group cyclists. A few even managed to turn up in the recently delivered club gear – looking well!

Our cycle today took us over to Roscrea at a leisurely pace. With such a large bunch it is necessary to split it on road with no hard shoulder so as to give cars a chance to pass. This split happened in Roscrea with the bunch splitting in half. The question was – could the first group make it to Birr before the racing group?


The club male model front & centre as usual! God, he is very good looking (so he claims himself)

With a large racing group in tow, the speed was high and as we hit some bumps on the road a few were put out the back. It took the racing group some time to reach the next group. Passing Ramon, is a usual indicator that the bunch is not much further ahead. Ramon as always had to endure cries of andale, andale, arriba. The ‘fastest mouse in all Mexico’ (Ramon is from Spain) was very close to the bunch ahead and it wasn’t too long before the racing group had gobbled up their prey and made it to the pitstop in Birr.

After a quick stop and lecture from Mr. Scully, the group split once again and made for home. The road from Birr back to Nenagh would prove to be a tough test. The first group took it easy to Borrisokane and from there they were to pick it up back to town. The racing group held back and were due to take it hard from Birr back to Nenagh. Andy ‘Sergio’ McLoughlin could smell weakness in the group and was out for blood. The pace was kept high as we held a single line 30 sec up front interval set to Borrisokane. Close to town we passed the first group who were moving along nicely.

From Borrisokane to Nenagh the group went into continuous rolling and one by one people started to wilt and sensibly moved to the back. At the front, the lads were keeping a strong but steady pace. From Ardcroney home we were planning on doing a series of one man breakaway attempts, however Andy couldn’t wait that long and made the first break seven mile from home. These breaks continued all the way to Nenagh. We finished with a fast last mile push and a little sprint to Chill Meats. Ger Kirby didn’t know his own sprinting strength as he kept sprinting all the way back to Nenagh, putting a large gap into the now cooling down bunch!

Well done to everyone today. It was tough but with just 4 more Saturday spins before the season starts we need to push on a little. We hope everyone enjoyed it. If you haven’t collected your jersey yet then make sure to get in contact about collecting it.

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