Season End

Weekly Update

That is officially a wrap for the 2017 season…..topped off by a choppy but successful End of Year swim and AGM. Thanks to everyone who attended the swim and for the input during the AGM. We will post an update on the main points from the meeting in due course and will get working on these for the coming season.

For now it is time to take a well earned break. There will be unofficial sessions ongoing during the month of September so keep an eye on the Viber group for this.

The 2 morning swims will continue and the Masters swimming resumes this week and as mentioned at the AGM we would encourage members to attend these swim sessions and get involved with the club.


We will return for Winter training in October and will put up the new training timetable when we have it finalised!

In the meantime if you are bored for an event you can take a look at the flier below for the “Trip to Tipp” charity event at the start of next month.



Have a good week out there!

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