Season Break

That is it all done and dusted for another year. A big thanks to everyone who took the time to attend our End of Year activities and AGM. We are now on official break and will be back with Nenagh TC version 2019 in October.

In the meantime all has not come to end end and while we are officially on break there are a number of unofficial sessions that will be ongoing until the new season in October and these are listed below. Keep an eye on Viber for updates regarding times and venues.


End of Year Cycle

The day got off to a start with our End of Year cycle with a customary coffee stop along the way. In the end we covered about 90k so well done to all who came out in support.




End of Year Swim / Run


Next up it was out to Youghal for the swim and run parts. The swim varied from 2.5 – 3.5k and the run from 5 – 10k in total. Conditions on the lake were as flat as could be and made for pleasant swimming. A big thanks to all the lads who were in boat support for the swim.

End of Year AGM

The day finished up with our 2018 AGM. A lively discussion regarding the season gone and the season to come. A big thanks to all who attended and contributed to the running of the club for the coming year.

The new 2019 committee will be putting the new season sessions together so keep an eye on this space!!!!

Finally, a big thank you to all club members who made the 2018 season a success. We hope to see ye all back up and running for Winter training in October 2018!!!!

Unofficial sessions

As mentioned a number of sessions will continue during the break and this schedule is below. Keep an eye on the Viber group for times and locations.



Day Morning Evening
 Monday Hill running: 

TBC – Viber

Tuesday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Rolling over session:

TBC – Viber

Thursday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Saturday Saturday cycle: 

TBC – Viber



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