Saturday Spin – Nenagh Cycling Club

That went well! There was another large turn-out for the second of our new club cycles. 20 cyclists met at the Nenagh car park for this 56 mile cycle. Everyone knew the story this week and everyone came into today’s cycle with a better understanding of what they were capable of in this new group cycle. This led to a much smoother cycle with everyone just doing what they were able for and no more.

This week’s route brought us firstly from Nenagh to Roscrea. This part of the cycle was kept under 18mph and this leisurely pace allowed everyone to have a chat and get ready for the tougher bits ahead. A few people turned around on this section when they had done enough. They will no doubt be back again to cycle next week hoping to go that little bit further. Give it 4 or 5 weeks and ye will be staying with us no bother.

The group split in Roscrea with the first group getting a 3 / 4 min gap. Both groups formed their own pace lines and took 30 seconds up top each. The pace was controlled as we didn’t want anyone racing it. The idea was to get used to the technical aspects of cycling like this and to break up the cycle a little so as to make it a little bit more interesting. We also wanted to raise the heart rate up a little. On the road to Templemore the first group managed to hold off the second group and came into Templemore 30 seconds ahead. this was great going. It was impressive to see the first group mastering the pace line and working well together without someone tearing it apart.

After a short stop the grouped rolled on over to Borrisoleigh at an easy pace. We were on the way home now but there was one more interval session to do. This one was going to be a bit tougher, as the main bunch were tackling a hill at the end. Half way into the last interval the group split in two with half taking the optional flat route home to Nenagh and the other half heading for the hills. There can be a huge difference in climbing abilities in a group so it’s possible to lose a lot of time there so taking the flat route home was the smart option for most.

There was about two min separating the main group after the hills, but they all waited for each other and recovered on the road back to Nenagh, where they were mightily entertained by Ronan O’Driscoll doing his best Bambi on ice impressions. Both groups got back to the car park at similar times. Fair play to all the new cyclists that are already cycling 54 miles without a bother. It is far easier to do that distance in a bunch but it is still a great achievement for ye at this stage.

Next up: There will be a new route for next Saturday. Our 1st youth/junior cycling training session will be on next Saturday afternoon. More information about these cycles will be available during the week.

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