Saturday’s Cycle and Dingle Adventure Race Reports

Saturday’s Cycle Report

Baby Jesus may be looking after the Nenagh Summer League, however the God’s definitely have it in for us at the weekends. Seriously, will that wind ever let up ….it is a head wrecker.

The number of cyclists that turned out yesterday morning was good considering a number of our racing men were either up north taking on a 3 day racing challenge or saving themselves for Sunday’s (today) race down in Cork. Seven cyclists met up at 8:00 to put in not only a few extra miles but a little intensive training also. Back at the hotel for 9:00 we met up with another 11 cyclists, of which two were our juniors.

We cycled as a group to Roscrea, picking up 2 more cyclists en route, and losing 1 (turning for home in Toomevara). The pace was lively enough, with a strong pushy tail wind. At the first round about our two juniors clipped one another’s wheels, resulting in one of them coming down. They decided to turn back to Nenagh along with another two of our cyclists. If you are calculating….group now consisted of 15.

The group split in two at Roscrea, with the first group getting a five minutes head start on the back group. The plan, as always, was for the back group, which consisted of 6, to chase down the first group. The back group at about 2km’s out of Roscrea, got into a well maintained rhythm. Each spent a minute each up front, battling against the strongest, most stubborn headwind I have yet experienced. At times, it felt more like a turbo session….high cadence, burning legs……and going nowhere.

At about 8km’s from Thurles, the back group caught sight of the front group. However, both groups came to a sudden meeting on one of the bends, due to a puncture.  Matty the main man stayed back to change puncture while others continued on cycling. A few turned back around to scene of puncture to pick up Matty and Anita.  It was noted at this stage that 4 cyclist’s from the front group were missing, they had turned for home in Templemore. That’s right……we were down to 11.

We all re-grouped in Thurles. After a short timed sip and food stop, we were quickly on the road to Nenagh via Kilcommon. The group stayed together on the homeward section. This road is lumpy and draggy, and really doesn’t end until Nenagh. The wind didn’t feel as severe as we got shelter from the surrounding high vegetation. At the turn off to Kilcommon, a welcoming tail wind greeted us. We could hear one another again. We all arrived back to Nenagh safely in one group. It was a tough day on the bike, with a strong wind and a challenging route. Well done to you all.

The average pace was 28kph…..head wind 40+kph….distance covered 140 – 165kms.

Dingle Adventure Race by Clifford Guest

The Dingle Adventure Race offers three distances; Mini, Sport & Full. Clifford Guest completed the full course on Saturday. It consisted of a start in Dingle on the bike and then straight up the 430m elevation of the Connor Pass before the descent to the foot of Mount Brandon. The elite competitors run nearly all the 900m to the top of the mountain but for most it is about 2k of a run and the rest is a hike. Once on the top of Mount Brandon it is 4k of steep mountain decent before the 10km road run into Dingle. Normally there is the added bonus of a 2km kayak section in Dingle Bay, but Saturday saw force 5 winds blowing, so the Kayak section was cancelled. The winner came in a time of 2:44. Clifford managed a time of 4:08 coming 154th out of 292competitors doing the full course.



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