Saturday Senior Club Cycle

This Saturday’s senior club cycle is not to be missed! Before we cut loose at our Christmas club night out we need to burn off a few thousand calories. There is no better way to do that than hopping on the bike for a few hours – sure what else would you be doing on a Saturday morning?!!

Route: The route takes the same format as our previous group spins. The total distance for the racing group is a little bit longer at 63 miles (group 1: 56 miles). Group 1 will head out the Ballinaclough road and turn right towards Dolla and up Dolla hill – go as fast or slow up the hill as you want but make sure to regroup at the top. Group 2 will take a longer route which will involve some interval work which finishes on top of the hill. Both groups will meet up eventually on the road over to Newport, where there will be a food stop.

From there we all cycle over to Birdhill for a lovely surprise. Well, actually it’s not really a surprise because I am going to tell you what we are doing. Just to make things a little bit exciting before our night out we are going to have some tortuous fun on the way home. We are going to split the group into teams of 3 based on ability and each group will get a sizable handicap. The route home isn’t easy as we are turning left at the Yellow bridge pub and you know what that means! On the bright side………..there are free pints at the club night out for the first group home!



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