Saturday Cycle: Report

cycling-logoThere were plenty of lessons to be learned from today’s cycle. The biggest one is that most people are biting off way more than they can chew on our Saturday cycles and this is affecting the quality of the spin. This is happening week in and week out. It has now come to the stage where we are almost going to have to order people to go into certain bunches. Time and time again people are making the wrong choices and this is leading to multiple knock victims / people getting dropped at every cycle. It shouldn’t be that tough at this time of the year!

We had a record turn out of 42 for this morning’s cycle. It’s great to see so many faces at training but this is just far too many to have on the road at the one time. Something is going to have to change soon. With such large numbers, we decided to try and experiment with 3 groups on the road for the intervals. With 3 groups we should have had very similar abilities going at a similar pace. That was not to be.

Pulling out from Nenagh, the large bunch kept a good speed over to Roscrea. At the designated splitting point we should have seen 15 in the first bunch, 15 in the second bunch and 10 or so in the last bunch. However, almost everyone thought they were just too good for the first bunch. Juniors! what were ye thinking going with the middle bunch?! Absolutely crazy decision from most of ye.

With 25 in the middle bunch, the quality of the rolling over was atrocious. Some people really need to analyse themselves and stop all this bravado. You have to know your limitations. If you don’t then it is going to be a long lonely road home when you get dropped. The policy in the last bunch is if you get dropped you are gone. If you don’t want to get dropped don’t go in the last bunch. The same is going to apply in the middle bunch where we will be instructing that group to push on ahead and not wait. Sometimes people just have to learn a harsh lesson.

On the positive side (and there were plenty of positives to take from the day, despite the negative slant of this report!), everyone got another tough cycle in their legs. There are some real quality cyclists in the group now. Everyone seems to be improving quickly. The favourable weather conditions made for a fast day on the bike, so the average pace was good. The back bunch had a good workout but failed twice to catch the groups ahead, even though they were working well together. It is just disappointing to be passing knock victim after knock victim on the road back to Nenagh. This shouldn’t be happening.

Next up: Sunday cycle – long steady cycle – starts at 8:00am SHARP from Tescos. Bring money for the shop! This is not a beginner friendly cycle.

Points for the future

  • Juniors – you are to go in the first bunch from now on. Unless you have been granted permission to go in the middle group (that will rarely happen).
  • Seniors – if you are getting dropped in a group then change group next week.
  • Seniors – if you are coming back after missing a few weeks of training then go in an easy group. The standard is rising quickly. Miss a few weeks and you will be out the back of the group you used to go in.
  • Seniors – the back bunch is tough – you are cycling with lads training for the An Post Rás. Give serious consideration to whether this is the right group for you.
  • Keep getting out training during the week – raise your cycling level to that of the bunch because the bunch won’t be lowering its level to match yours.


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