Saturday Cycle: Report

There was another large turnout for this morning’s cycle. Thankfully the terrible weather of the day before had cleared off and we had sun and just a gentle breeze for the cycle. The route this week took us to Roscrea – Templemore – Borrisoleigh – Templederry and Dolla. This was our second attempt at this route and the pace was upped just a little in the racing bunch.

Today was one of those days where once the group split for the first interval, things never really came back together again. A combination of a puncture and a big difference in bunch interval speed meant that from Roscrea onwards the two bunches never merged again. This probably made things a little easier for the first bunch and a little tougher for the racing bunch. No harm with that!

The first interval from Roscrea to Templemore saw the racing group catch the first group before the end. The first group weren’t quite moving as fast as in previous weeks and the back groups had 11 strong cyclists rolling through at a nice consistent pace. In Templemore, the racing group had to stop to fix a puncture. This gave the first bunch a nice head start on their way over to Borrisoleigh – where their next interval would start.

The racing group decided to begin the chase from Templemore and settled into a solid single line chase group. The front bunch stayed out of sight for a long time but once we hit the hills before Templederry the back bunch closed the gap quickly and passed.

This week the finish of the interval was pushed back to Dolla. This meant that everyone had to push up and over the top of Ormond Style and down the descent to Dolla. This little bit extra was pretty tough but very useful to practice as many in the group are far to used to stopping at the top of big hills for recovery. It’s important to push on over the top.

Coming into Dolla, the racing group had whittled down to just 6. The back bunch came into Dolla a few minutes after. They managed to stay together very well and there was a big group of them heading back to Nenagh at a leisurely pace. The 5 miles back home gave everyone a good chance to cool down. Well done to everyone for getting through another Saturday bike spin. Lots of people are improving quickly. If you had a bad day on the bike – don’t worry about it – we all have good days and bad days. Brush it off and get more miles in next week.

Next up: Sunday cycle – as always we try to put in two big cycles on the weekend. We will be out on the road again tomorrow, heading towards Kinnitty at 8:00am from Tescos. It will be a long day in the saddle so bring money for a coffee break.

Junior Cycle: our juniors were out in force again today. There were 3 groups on the road with the main group doing about 42km or so. We had the obligatory knock victims and hypothermia victims once again this week. It is taking some of our juniors way to long to learn their lessons! Be prepared – have ebough food and dress appropriately for the conditions!!

Next up: Tuesday turbo at 6:00pm in the running complex

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