Saturday Cycle Report

nenagh-cc-logoThe weather wasn’t as bad as predicted for this morning’s cycle. There was no frost out but the temperatures were still pretty cold. We didn’t mind that as we had a tough day on the bike ahead of us and the low temps would keep us cool. Numbers were down a little today with just 22 on the road. This meant we had two bunches on the road. The racing bunch were delighted to find out early that they would have an additional hill to negotiate early in the cycle.

The whole bunch cycled together to Toomevara where the split occurred. The racing bunch went out ahead as they were turning left for a detour up Killeen hill and back down Dolla hill. This would give group 2 a chance to build a nice lead, which they did. The pace was lively from the racing group from the start but Killeen hill would cool the engines of a few. Shane and Kenneth set a nice tempo going up the hill and the majority of the bunch were able to hang on in there. We waited for the few that had gone out the back, as we cycled back down the hill towards Dolla.

In Dolla, the group had all come back together again. Unfortunately Eoin Woolley had a puncture so we had to fix that. Some stopped and some kept cycling down the road. It wasn’t until close to Daly’s Cross that the whole bunch had come back together. A few dropped items and an unfortunate incident with a ditch, meant that the cycle was a little bit disjointed from the racing group. Up ahead, group 2 were still well out of sight. With Dolla hill in view, there was a good chance that they would stay away to the end of the hill-top finish.

There were a lot of tired bodies coming into the foot of the final climb. The groups had worked hard all morning and now we had Bolingbroke to climb as a final reward. Shane went to the front and set a good tempo up the climb. He was followed by Kenneth and dan but the rest weren’t able to hold onto the wheels. Gary, Con and Denis were the next few on the road and they were pacing themselves nicely. The two groups almost came together on the climb; as Shane, Kenneth and Dan got to the summit the other group were just starting to descend.

This was a nice way to finish a Saturday cycle and you can expect to see a few more hills on our weekly Saturday spins in the future. In races, you rarely hit hills with your legs fresh so this is a good way of mimicking race scenarios.

Next up: Sunday cycle at 8:00 from Tescos. It will be cold but once again we are hoping the frost and ice stays away. If it’s fine, expect a long cycle. Check Viber in the morning for any updates. We need to start seeing the La Marmotte crew attending this now. You need to start building up some time in the saddle. Make tomorrow the start of your training for it. 

Next Saturday: Winter Warrior 4. Spread the word. This will be the toughest WW of the lot. Last year this was a war so hopefully we can replicate the same intensity. We should be be well able to handle the shock that is the start of the racing season then.

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