Saturday Cycle Report

nenagh-cc-logoIt was a cold but fine morning for cycling today. 30 of us hit the road out to Roscrea. The quality in the bunch was excellent with 13 cyclists now feeling brave enough for group 3 and there was still plenty of quality in the other groups too. Some cyclists are starting to get back to their old form and others still have a way to go. Those that seem to be getting out for both the Saturday and Sunday cycles are edging a little bit further ahead than the rest.

The group split came in Roscrea with Group 3 first onto the Templemore road as they had an extra  detour to Thurles to cycle. A quick nature break at the start resulted in Dan Hogan getting left behind. He met up with us later in the cycle though.

Groups 1 and 2 were heading straight to Borrisoleigh via Templemore. Both groups worked well and merged a few km after Templemore. They eased the pace and then and cycled easy over to Borrisoleigh. The bunch was a little big at this stage so they split again in Borrisoleigh with some turning left and some turning right. After a 4 minute headstart bunch 2 turned and once again gave chase to group 1.

With the extra detour, Group 3 were now well behind on the road but they were travelling fast. A cleat problem for Shane meant he had to hang at the back for the duration of the cycle. From here he could see that the bunch were rolling through very well. For a large enough rolling bunch everyone was neat and tidy rolling through. As the minutes ticked by, you could see a few cyclists tiring and once we hit Thurles a few stopped rolling through.

By the time Group 3 turned towards Templederry at Kellys of Fantane, there wasn’t much distance between the 3 groups. The road over to Dolla is quite hilly so it was no surprise when people started dropping wheels and going out the back. Group 3 pushed a good pace up Templederry hill and soon after the two bunches ahead were in sight. There was no waiting though as the roll over finish was still a mile or two away. Dan, Benny and Denis were putting in great efforts on the front and dragged us over to the finish in Dolla.

Well done everyone today. That was a very enjoyable spin. The handicaps worked well as we all came together on the cool down from Dolla back to Nenagh. Put your feet up now for the rest of the day and think about getting out again with us tomorrow morning.

Next up: Sunday cycle around the lake. Starts at 8:00 at Tescos. Usually have 15+ on this cycle so come and join us. There will be a coffee stop in Scariff and you will have the option of taking the short route home at Killaloe if your legs don’t feel up to doing the long one.

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