Saturday Cycle: Report

There was another fine turn out for our Saturday morning spin. Today’s route took us over to Roscrea, Templemore and back to Nenagh. While a few turned around early for home, the majority made it the whole way. There were certainly some tired bodies in the pack at the end but fair play to everyone for getting around. It can be hard for those that took time off the bike to jump straight back into doing 90km long cycles straight away, so give yourself a pat on the back!

It was a cold start for the racing cyclists who turned up early at 8:00am for a little extra. It didn’t take the sun too long to burst through and soon the day turned into a nice one for cycling. With junior training on later today, most of our talented juniors were absent from the senior bunch. It was probably for the best as a large bunch of 28 pulled out of the Abbey Court Hotel shortly after 9:00am.

Unfortunately, Aaron Duggan got a flat early on and had to abandon for the 2nd week running! Eoin O’Connor learned a valuable lesson about being just a few seconds late. He caught the puncture group but the chase back to the main pack sapped his energy and he was probably wishing he hadn’t even got out of bed!

Once the group got to Roscrea we split up into our two bunches as per usual and practised some controlled rolling over. We will probably need to tighten up on the way we deal with punctures and the way we deal with the splitting of the groups. We don’t want the bunch to have to stop at any stage so we will think of ways to cope a little better with the unexpected. If you think the bunch you are in is too slow or too fast then move bunch the next day. The bunch you choose is really up to you.

The two groups made their way over to Templemore in a very organised manner. The rolling in the 2nd group was very smooth with nobody surgingĀ  through and the pace was kept very controlled. The first group still managed to get to Templemore first but it was well timed as both groups came together soon after.

On the combined bunch went towards Borrisoleigh. Here, the group split in two again. The second roll over session is always a little tougher – not because the speed is any higher, but because people are getting a little bit more tired. The hills around Templederry can also play havoc with the bunches as there is such a huge variation in climbing ability in the bunch. The phrase for the day was ‘be sensible’. Don’t overdo it on the road. Thankfully most people stuck to this.

As the road started to go upwards the rolling groups started to thin out. The back group were making good progress but once again got nowhere near catching the front bunch. The front bunch are working very well together. Last year we would have seen bodies strewn across the hills in ones and two. Not this time though as the bunch worked well together and stayed well ahead of the chasing bunch.

From Ormond Style on, the hard work had been done. Now it was time to relax, have a chat and cruise back to Nenagh. Well done to everyone for getting through another good training session. The average pace for the back bunch was about 19 mph so probably 18mph for the first group. That is solid cycling.

If you are struggling out there at the moment then try to fit in a few extra cycles during the week. All that you are missing is miles in the legs. Our mid week turbo will help you out a lot. For those that felt like today was the easiest cycle ever then you should come out with the group again tomorrow for our long cycle around the lake – don’t worry it’s not all that hard!

Next up: Sunday – lake cycle with coffee break! meet at 8:00am in Melrose.

After week: Tuesdayturbo training – officially starts at 7:30pm but there will be a group in training from 6:00pm onwards.

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