Saturday Cycle Report

nenagh-cc-logoOnce again we had fine weather for our Saturday morning club spin. Today’s spin turned out to be a pretty fast one with Group 3 setting a new fast time for both circuits and Group 2 also putting in a record speed for their group on this route. That is not really the aim of these sessions; we are not trying to hammer it but it is good to see that we are making some year on year progress all the same.

The warm-up out to Moneygall was hampered by two early punctures and a masterclass in how not to repair a puncture by Eoin Woolley. This resulted in some of the racing lads not getting to the start line in Moneygall on time. Texts were sent to start without the lads. It would be interesting to see if the policy of keeping 3 even number groups on the road would be adhered too.

I actually had a big rant about group selection written here but just deleted it. It seems to fall on deaf ears every week anyway. I will keep it short: the group set-up wasn’t right. Once again, too many people making bad choices.

On the road, Groups 2 and 3 had some strong riders in the group and the pace was kept pretty high. Group 2 were asked to reduce the handicap at the start, which they did, but their improved speed for the interval meant that the two back bunches stayed apart to the end. Group 2 were 2 minutes quicker this week than last week. Reports suggest that there was a little too much surging going on when rolling over. Take your time and keep things smooth. The senior members of the group need to call people out on this and not ramp up the pace with them.

There were 9 in Group 3 at the start but two mechanicals put Will and Donnchadh out the back on the first loop. The remaining 7 worked well together but, with reduced numbers, a few of the lads started to tire a little early in the cycle. Most hung on to the end so that was great to see. Group 1 finished with just 4 cyclists so that is something we are going to have to look at for next week. Thanks to everyone who volunteered for this group. We will improve things next week.

Next up: Sunday cycle at 8:00 from Tescos. Coffee stop in Scariff.

As you progress through the ranks in cycling the importance of endurance becomes very apparent. Stage races also tend to become a primary focus. Combining the Saturday and Sunday cycles will give you a great endurance foundation on which to build speed after the New Year. Try and make it to both cycles. You will find it harder and harder to match the pace of the cyclists that do two weekend spins as the year goes on. See you tomorrow.

Once every 4 weeks the Sunday spin will be an even longer distance spin. Our first trip to Kinnitty will be Sunday week. This is a 5.5 hour spin with some big hills. Love it!

Next Week: Tuesday Turbo, Saturday club spin will be on the N7 but we will be increasing the difficulty by throwing in one hill at the end. More details later next week. Sunday we will be heading to Kinnitty.

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