Saturday Cycle Report

It was good to be back out on the road this morning. After missing plenty of training days due to terrible weather conditions, lots of club members were keen to get back out on the bike. Although, it was very cold and a little drizzly at times, that didn’t deter our groups on the road. Instead of the usual 3 groups, we had two bigger groups. The racing group arrived late back to the hotel from their early warm up only to see the others already setting out on their cycle. This was a good call. Don’t wait for anyone!

As today’s route was so long, it was always going to be about survival. It was important not to set out too hard – save the energy for the end. The first group turned at Toomevara while the racing group gave them a large head start by heading out to Moneygall. The two groups would never meet on the road.

The racing group had 14 riders and they made good progress from Moneygall to O’Briens Bridge. A couple of mechanicals en route and some turn arounds meant the bunch had dwindled as they turned for Broadford. The pace was kept reasonably high all the same and everyone stayed together. The racing group were expecting to pass backmarkers from the groups ahead but didn’t see one person. They were all either super fast or a sizeable number turned for home at O’Brien’s Bridge!

As the racing group turned right and hit the hills after Tuamgraney the pace slowed a little. The effort was still good and the group pushed on all the way to Portroe before easing off the pace and taking it easy back to Nenagh. This turned out to be a 170km effort for the racing group and shows that they are cycling well. From Strava, it seems like at least some of the main group did the whole cycle and they held a good pace throughout too. Fair play to ye all!

Sorry if these reports seem to focus on the racing bunch too much. We want to hear from people in the other bunches about their experience but nobody seems willing to send in a report = so get writing!!

Next up: we are out again tomorrow morning at 8:00am from Tescos. The destination is Tipperary town – with a small short cut included for some and a coffee stop in Hospital. The weather should be dry and sunny with temps a little higher than today. Putting two good cycles back to back will harden you up!

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