Saturday Cycle Report

*** Sunday cycle update: due to the rugby match taking place tomorrow, we have decided to change this Sunday’s route. We will now do the shorter lake route starting at 8:00am. That will bring us back into Nenagh at 11:45am = plenty of time for John and Edward to get back and get their face painted for the match at one.

Saturday Report

We had a huge number of cyclists on the road this morning. It was a misty, cold start to the day but all 42 cyclists were wrapped up warm and ready for the task ahead. This week, there was a slight change in the loop route with an ascent of Seaníns hill to tackle at the end of the interval. There were also plenty of warnings from the week before to adhere to – no racing + turn up on time! Thankfully this week’s cycle seemed to run very smoothly.

As usual there were two bunches on the road as we made our way out to the loop start in Moneygall. Thankfully most cyclists had their rear lights on as the mist was thick in places. The pace was nice and handy to start with but we all knew that would change soon enough.

In Moneygall, the 3 groups were formed with all bunches under strict orders not to be dropping too many people. Nice and steady was the aim – the longer distance interval would gradually wear everyone down so save energy for the final hill. It was great to see the bunches stay pretty much intact all the way. It was even better to see the vast majority of cyclists attempting the final climb – you won’t improve unless you give it a go!

The bunches nearly came together on the hill with the racing group catching some stragglers on the way up the climb. Fair play to group 2 for pulling in and waiting for the rest of their group at the start of the descent. The racing group cycled past this group as they had an extended detour to ride which took them over to Moneygall via the back of Army hill. The other groups descended off Seáníns and straight down into Toom and onto Nenagh.

The average pace today was down on the week before but that was what we wanted. It wasn’t too much slower on the flat; it was just the ascent of Seáníns that knocked back the pace a little. Plus the fear of Seáníns coming up meant people were less eager to drive it on. Tis amazing the fear that one little hill can strike into people!!

Whether you managed the full distance or just out to Moneygall and back – well done! As the off season continues you will keep improving steadily. We do urge you however to make sure that you get out on the bike more than just once a week. Join a spinning class, attend our Tuesday turbo session, go out by yourself or form your own little group. Do whatever it takes to get on your bike a little more. You will see the benefit quickly at our Saturday cycles.

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