Saturday Cycle Report

There were 20 or so eager beavers out this morning for our usual Saturday spin. Not quite the numbers we are used to after a well supported winter training programme but with all the usual distractions that come in the summer time, it’s not too bad either. For those that are racing tomorrow, ye are excused. For those targeting Mizen to Malin, you can’t afford to be missing these weekend sessions – make sure to get out with the club tomorrow.

The cycle today took us out to Birdhill. The group split in two here with one group heading up the ramp. The interval session would last until the back bunch caught the front group. The split was more even this time with  a number of new faces opting for the back bunch as the speed was to be more controlled this week – due to lads racing tomorrow. The back bunch went 2-up continuous rolling and everything went very smoothly. In the front they opted for single file with between 30secs and 1 min at the front each.

Things got back together near Bodyke. This meant that each group got 30km or so of rolling in the legs. As the merged group hit Tuamgraney and the start of the climbs over to Killaloe, a few people starting feeling the pinch and were distanced. They will be back to fight another day though – keep getting the training in and your day will come!

The second rollover session took place between Ogonneloe and Killaloe, with the pace gradually increasing as we went along. A lot more people than expected were still rolling over near the end and that is great to see. The little ‘bump’ before Killaloe knocked the stuffing out of a few, but we all regained contact at the traffic lights in Killaloe.

The final part of the route was taken at a more leisurely pace, but the presence of hills makes it tough all the same. There was one last roll over from the Esker line back into town, but by then most people had turned off for home. That was another good day on the bike. The weather was great and that makes all the difference. Not sure what forecast John Gleeson was looking at though!

Next up: Sunday cycle at 8:00am at Tescos. It’s the lake cycle + a little something extra special at the end. No Ramon it’s not an ice cream!

Triathletes – remember there is a lake swim starting tomorrow at 6:00pm in Youghal.

Best of luck to our seniors and juniors at the races tomorrow!!

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