Saturday Cycle Report

cycling-logoFor the 2nd time in three weeks we have had to cut our Saturday cycle short due to the wet and cold. On both occasions Dan Hogan has decided to join us for the morning. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I have taken the liberty of banning Dan from all future cycles. Seriously though, that was a horrible morning for cycling so fair play to everyone for showing up and surviving as long as you did. My legs were purple and red getting off the bike (same colour as Brian O’Neills were getting on the bike #faketandisaster), and it took a good hour before they warmed up again. Days like today are classified as ‘Never again!’, but undoubtedly we will be enduring the same brutal conditions in the not too distant future.

The cycle itself was well attended with about 25 on the road. We were split into two groups from the off, as Kenneth was late as per usual. By the time both groups has gotten out to the first interval start in Dunkerrin it had turned cold and most were saturated. There was one puncture on the road and all I can say is I was delighted it wasn’t me. I don’t think I could have changed a tube with the coldness in my hands.

The two groups split in Dunkerrin and did some rolling over. The pace wasn’t anything hectic as the conditions didn’t really allow for quality cycling. Both groups stayed together nicely to the interval end point in Clough. The bodies had failed to warm up though so plenty turned for home at this early junction. The rest opted to head for Borrisokane with the intention of turning for Nenagh if the skies didn’t clear a little. The rain was due to clear by the afternoon but that came too late for us and we all turned left at Borrisokane and headed for home.

With the wind on our back on the way to Nenagh it didn’t take long to get home. A surge from Brian O’Neill and Mike Browne a few mile from home led to a fast last few miles back to town, with Dan Hogan going very well at the front (another reason why he is banned from our cycles!!). We were all delighted to finish and at least we got a bit of a workout. Tomorrow is another day.

Next cycle: tomorrow at 8:00am – meet at Tescos – we are heading around the lake. It has been quite a while since we had a big group doing this so try your best to make it.

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