Saturday Cycle Report

This was one of the most important training sessions of the year, as everybody prepares for Easter Sunday, by my calculations we burnt enough calories this morning to allow for 3.8 eggs.  Do with that information what you will, but today was tough and you have probably earned a small treat.

The cycle today was considerably more straight forward as the conditions were much more sensible, a cool light breeze the weather was about as good as could be expected for this time of year.  The group stuck together out of Nenagh on the Dublin road until just after Clashnevin where the ‘slower’ group turned right to make towards the Silvermines, the racing group continued on to Toomevara to get a few extra miles in the legs at speed.

12km into the days cycling the intervals began for the 1st group, with eleven in it initially there was plenty of recovery between each turn at the front, and the 20 second effort in the wind up top was not too much to ask.  With the previous weeks rant ringing in our ears Sinead took to organising the group, trying to ensure that we didn’t leave anyone behind. Sinead’s attendance today was apparently due to her missing her wake-up call for the Etape Rás Mumhan Sportive, but it worked out well for us as apart from a couple of bold boys, the group stuck together pretty well (relative to the previous week).  The intervals finished at the junction back onto the old N7 after the speedy descent from the Silvermines.

Heading into Birdhill we decided to reorganise into three groups; the first group would turn right in Birdhill and make for O’Briens Bridge, the second group would head for O’Briens Bridge via Daly’s Cross and the third group would take the same route after a short detour up the ramp.  The instructions given to the second group were ‘when we catch you try and jump on’.  This was opportunity to shake off the cobwebs and the group worked really hard at the intervals all the way into Killaloe, with no sign of the racing group behind us we could only assume that some poor unfortunate had punctured.

Coming together with the first group we pressed on up to the lookout turning left in Ballina with the group debating the choice between Charlie’s Hill and Coum and it was at this point that the racing group finally joined us in dribs and drabs.  No mechanical was mentioned, so it can only be assumed that the second group, and the first group for that matter, performed like animals during the second interval session, super work!

Coum though will put anyone cycling confidently with a bit of a swagger back in his/her box.  Having only climbed this ‘mountain’ three times, I consider it an achievement to have ascended whilst remaining at all times on my bike.  The descent is a fuzzy, lactate recovery hell, and from this point on the group separated up into those who had fuelled well (almost everyone), and those who were dead in the saddle (Will Rymer).  From here it was a more calm and sedate cycle back to Nenagh to round off the 90 or so kilometres for the day.

Notable performance of the day goes to Anita who is slowly working her way back into the saddle on the road after her crash last year and months of tortuous turbo work, and it’s great to see her back.

A much improved performance from all after last week’s debacle, and one we can all be proud of.  I was only joking about the Easter eggs, no chocolate for anyone – back on your bike!


Tri Laois Sprint Triathlon

The first pool based Sprint Triathlon of the year took place in Portlaoise, Co Laois today. With over 350 competitors, this triathlon is proving to be a very popular beginners triathlon. The day could not have being more perfect, starting off with a soft drizzle rain which soon cleared to a blue sky with warm temperatures. We had three members representing the club at this triathlon. First man in for the club was Eddie O’Meara, 33rd place overall in a time of 1:16:58. If Eddie had registered a more realistic swim time for himself, he would have easily knocked a few more minutes off his overall time. (Seriously Eddie, 20 minutes for a 750 mtrs swim!) Next man was PJ Brett in 59th place, in 1:22:11 and our third representative was Barry Creamer 67th place in 1:23:49. Well done lads, that’s the first one ticked off….plenty more to be completed.

One of the guys (no names being mentioned) has informed me he might send in a race report during the week.

Monday Cycle: leaves Tescos at 9am, route will be decided that morning.


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