Saturday Cycle: Report

Senior Cycle

We finally got back to completing one of our usual cycle routes today. It has been a long time since we have cycled these routes and it showed in the slightly disjointed nature of the cycle. We will need to tighten up on the road in future especially after groups merge. Remember to always cycle 2-up and stay close to each other, especially with such a large bunch on the road.

Thankfully the weather today was great for cycling. It was a little nippy starting off but we all soon warmed up. There was a strong wind blowing us out to Roscrea so everyone was feeling strong at that point. It was only when the groups split for the interval work into the strong wind that people started to struggle. At the split, too many people opted for the easier bunch. This makes the pace a little too hard for the weaker cyclists in that bunch. Remember, from now on it is likely that many of the racing cyclists will be missing on Saturdays (like today), therefore it is up to the next in line to lead the scratch group. The quality of the Saturday spins over the next few months will suffer if ye don’t get the splits right.

The two groups didn’t come back together until after Templemore this time. It was slow going on the way over to Borrisoleigh with a stiff breeze making things very tough for the unlucky two at the front. Coming into Borrisoleigh, the bunch split again, with only 6 opting for the faster group. With hills to negotiate on this interval, that decision was understandable. It was great to see the racing girls opting for the tougher group and they did very well, holding on for most of last interval.

Both bunches came together for a brief time on the hill out of Templederry. As always, it is hard to keep things together here as the difference in climbing abilities can be pretty big. The finish for this interval was in Dolla and people were getting scattered all over the road through the hills. 3 of the racing group pressed on ahead of the pack and forged a big lead. Once everyone hit Dolla it was time to pull the breaks and take it easy back home.

The fitness in the group is excellent at the moment. If we can just tighten up a little on our shape on the road then we will start to really motor. Great stuff out of everyone again. With the evenings getting brighter and the days getting warmer it really is time to start putting in a little extra effort on the bike. Your body will thank you for it on tough days like today!

Best of luck: to everyone racing tomorrow at the Lacey Cup and the Limerick Duathlon.

Sunday cycle: will probably be cancelled due to likely brutal weather in the morning. Majella will put a message on viber tomorrow if it is back on. Best off to just go for a turbo or wait for the weather to clear in the afternoon.

Junior Cycle: numbers were smaller than usual at our junior training today. There were 11 on the road, with the rest off skiing for the week! The 11 that were there were subjected to a pretty tough workout today. We all cycled out to the Toomevara race route for a 9km TT and some sprint training. The weather was great on the way out and we made good speed aided by a strong wind on our backs.

The TT came first with Denis Allen setting a new fastest time on the course of 18:09. Calvin O’Brien was 2nd with Daniel Yon Hin in 3rd. Judging by the bright red faces and puffing and panting at the end it was clear that everyone but in a great effort. Remember your times as we will be trying to beat those times later in the year.

Next up, were 5 x 30 second sprint efforts with plenty of recovery. The lads were clearly tiring at this stage but most managed to push themselves that little bit further. On the way home we were hit by a hail storm but that couldn’t stop the lads from pushing hard for home. At the finish we had covered 40km. Well done everyone!

Next up: Tuesday turbo at 6:00pm in the running complex. The racing season is only 3 weeks away so you can’t afford to be missing any training sessions.

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