Saturday cycle: report

Well, this report certainly won’t be long! This morning was just a nasty morning for cycling. There was ice everywhere and to make matters worse we had wintery showers to freeze us to the bone. Most secondary roads were in too bad a condition to cycle safely on so the decision was made to stay on the main roads. Then along came the rain, sleet and hail stones to make things even more difficult.

Shane Scully, not for the first time, was the first to bail out of the cycle as he sprinted hard for home and the comfort of a warm 4 hour turbo. There was still a large bunch out on the road heading out towards Toomevara. The further east the bunch went the worse the road got. Coming up on Moneygall, the road was just white with hail stones. At this point half the bunch turned for home = wise decision.

The rest of the bunch ploughed on ahead. On the way back to Nenagh from Moneygall, the group practiced some break aways, more to keep warm than anything else. This resulted in a very lively cycle back to Nenagh. It was good to open the lungs and get some heat back in the body. However, at this point most people called it a day. The conditions were just too miserable. 6 cyclists gritted their teeth and pushed on through Nenagh and out towards Limerick.

At the Five Alley, 4 of the remaining cyclists admitted defeat and turned back for home, leaving only Mike Browne and Cathal Murphy out on the road. Where they are now, God only knows! For those that turned for home early – try and get the turbo out this afternoon and put in an hour or two of work on it. Now is not the time to be relaxing.

Next up: tomorrow is not looking very promising either, the roads are going to be very frosty/icy. To make matters worse, the running complex is in use tomorrow so we can’t go there either for a turbo. We will stick something up on Facebook later about what the plan is tomorrow so check it out.

Next week: remember the 2nd race of the Winter Warriors Cup is on next Saturday so make sure you make yourself available for that.

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