Saturday Cycle: Report

Today was one of those days where you were just glad to get back home in one piece. Before we had even started the cycle today there were reports of bike crashes out on the roads as club members made their way into Nenagh. Many looked out the window and abandoned; some made it out onto the road before deciding to turn back. Those that made it to Nenagh were fewer in number than usual but still, there were 15 of us on the road as we departed the hotel.

Due to the ice on the road, we altered the route of the cycle; staying on the main Dublin road out to Moneygall and back and then out to Limerick and back. Thankfully, the roads seemed to be well gritted so there were no incidents. Not many were in the mood for a tough cycle today in the icy conditions, so the pace was kept leisurely enough for most of it. The only incident of note was a close call with a car in Daly’s cross!

To liven things up a little on the way home from Limerick we decided to roll over as one group from Daly’s cross back to the Five Alley. The pace was kept controlled but gradually one by one people started going out the back. The hill at Kilmastulla did a lot of damage. In the end, there were 8 or so in the finishing group and with a little bit of rain adding to the cold, people were glad to get back home to warm-up.

winterNext up: Sunday lake cycle, departing tomorrow at 8:00am from Tescos.

Next Week: Remember we have the Winter Warrior’s Cup on Saturday. Kevin Sherlock is flying back from his warm weather training camp a few days before to try and capture the ‘big one’. Bookies have him as odds on favourite. More details during the week.

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