Saturday Cycle Details

logo10Nenagh Cycling ClubThe first of our pre-season training spins starts tomorrow. The Saturday spin is a combined Nenagh CC / Nenagh Triathlon Club cycle and new cyclists are more than welcome to join our clubs. The pace will be easier than usual as most of us have been off the bike for a while now, so we will just be easing our way back into things.

If you are planning on cycling with us tomorrow then familiarise yourself with the information below:

When: 9:00am at the pool or 8:00am for the racing cyclists (or those that want more miles). There will be a short 2 minute speech at the start so be warned!

Weather: According to met.ie it will be “bright and mainly dry tomorrow morning, but showers will become more widespread in the afternoon and evening.” We will be back before 12 so it’s looking good!! Always make sure to dress appropriately for the conditions.

Who: we expect to have a large number of cyclists on the road each Saturday. This can be a little bit annoying for other road users so if numbers are too big then we might have to split in two from the start from time to time. This training session is open to those that are club members or those that are looking to join the club.

Unfortunately (with so many likely to be on the road from our own club) we cannot accommodate those that wish to join in and train with us from other clubs at this time.

Beginners: beginners are more than welcome to join in. We advise our beginner cyclists to pick a turn for home point on the route and stick to that. You might find the pace tough at times but it will get easier. You might also find it a little unnerving cycling in a bunch but you will learn the group etiquette pretty quickly. Bring a spare tube with you and make sure your wheels are pumped and bike is in good condition. There will be plenty of people there to help you if something does go wrong.

Type of bike: you need to have a racing bike to train with our group. Mountain bikes or hybrid bikes are not allowed. There are other cycling teams in town that will cater for pure leisure focused cyclists.

Juniors: our older juniors are more than welcome to join us for a few miles tomorrow.

Where: the route map is below. We will be using the same routes that we used last year so people should know what is expected. The bunch will split in two at certain points on the route and we will practice rolling over at any easy pace. The second bunch will move a little quicker than the first due to the quality of rider in the bunch. If in doubt about what bunch to go in then go in the first as the second bunch will not be waiting for those that cannot hang on. At this time of year you should not be in danger of getting dropped – if you are then you are choosing the wrong bunch to cycle with. When we get to Birdhill the second group will go up the ramp while the first group continue on to Daly’s Cross -> O’Briens Bridge -> Killaloe. If this is your first cycle in a few weeks then don’t get too ambitious. Ease your way into it.

If someone gets a puncture on the road, make sure to alert the bunch. 2 or 3 of the stronger cyclists will remain behind to help with the repair and chase back on. The rest of the bunch will continue cycling.

Turn off points: we don’t expect our beginner cyclists to cycle all this and we certainly don’t recommend it. See how you are feeling as we cross from Toomevara over to the Limerick road and head for home when you feel like you have had enough. Each week you come out with us you will be able to get a little further!

The racing group (plus any others that are looking to get extra miles in) will be meeting at 8:00am SHARP at the pool. We will cycle 16 miles before meeting up with the rest. Total mileage for the day will be around the 70 mile mark.

See ye all bright and early tomorrow!!!!!!!


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