Saturday Cycle

Our first off season group cycle takes place this weekend. For the first week, we are changing things up a little. We will be tackling our first loop course. We hope that by including a loop course that never goes too far away from town, that we can entice more beginners and juniors to come out cycling with the main group. The route will change every Saturday so check this website weekly for updates.

Time: 9:00am, Saturday, Oct 3rd.

Meet: Abbey Court Hotel – be early – but if you are running late just cycle out and meet us on the loop.

All club members are asked to make a special effort to be at our very first cycle of the season. This is a great time for newcomers to the club to get on your bike and join us. 

A seperate beginner targeted cycle, that starts after the main group cycle, will be starting in the coming weeks. For the first week everyone is cycling together.

Route: starting from the hotel we will cycle out slowly to Moneygall where we will stop briefly. Depending on numbers, we might break the group into two smaller bunches on the way out to Moneygall to make things safer on the road. In Moneygall, 3 groups will be formed and each will tackle the loop. The loop takes us from the Moneygall roundabout back through Toom to the first  roundabout at the M7 flyover. From here we head back out to the Moneygall roundabout and that will be one full loop – 25km. Groups 1 and 2 will do two full loops (50km). Group 3 have the option of doing 1 loop or just cycling straight back to Nenagh. The loop finish is in Moneygall. From there we will cool down by cycling straight back to Nenagh. Total distance = 90km


Key points to note:

  • we expect to have at least 3 ability based groups on the road, with around 10 in each group.
    • group 1 = racing cyclists
    • group 2 = intermediate cyclists / older juniors
    • group 3 = improvers / beginners / younger juniors
  • speeds will be controlled at a pace that is suitable for this time of year. No racing your teammates. We are there to support each other not bury each other. The aim is to have everyone in your group finish together (within reason).
  • the whole cycle takes place on the main N7 road. Stick to the hard shoulder when you can.
  • if you find the pace too hard just drop out of the group you are in, pedal slowly,  and wait for that group or a slower group to meet you on the way back on the loop.
  • if you are new to cycling – take your time and do what you can. Have a plan of action in your head e.g. make it out to Moneygall and back. That is more than enough for your first time. The next time you are out doing this route you can aim for more.
  • if you puncture, you will have plenty of time to fix it and rejoin the group you were in when they loop back to you. There won’t be any need for a group to stop. Make sure to bring your own pumps, spare tubes etc.
  • group 1 riders will give the other groups an 8km head start as they must first cycle out to Dunkerrin and back.
  • if you, for some reason, feel tired and are having a bad day, just head for home at the M7 flyover roundabout.
  • we will be cycling two abreast, unless your group leader calls for one up cycling.
  • the fitter you get, the further you will go and the better the group you will be in.
  • Rás group cyclists to meet at 8:00am for an extra hour on the bike

The club asks for everyone to be patient with us as we try to sort out a training system that works well for the majority of people in the club.

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