Santa Keith is coming to town

Get a good sleep tonight cos you will need all your strength for our big day and night tomorrow. First up is the cycle in the morning – racing group meet as always at 8:00 and meet up with the main group at 9:00 at the pool. There are free pints to be won so we expect Andy McLoughlin to fight dirty. Weapons are allowed.

Next up is our big club night out in Rockys where Santa Keith has a list of whos been naughty or nice! This is the club’s chance to say thank you to all those who have represented us well in races throughout the year. It’s also a chance for the club to settle scores with people who made a fool of themselves and the club during the year! For the men, try and get to Rockys at 10:00 for the ladies try and get there at 7:00 – those target times should ensure everyone is there sometime between 8:30 and 9:00. Lycra is optional for the night out.

We know lots of ye are busy with preparations for Christmas but try to show your face at the cycle or the night out if you can.


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