Racing Results

There were a couple of club members in racing action last week. Eoin Woolley took part and won the King of the Peaks challenge. This race involved racing up Keeper hill, Tountinna and Moylussa over 3 days.

Also in running action were Darren Dunne and Killian Cullagh at the Munster Boy’s U/16 Cross Country race. The previously unbeatable Darren Dunne was humbled on this occasion by Killian Cullagh who was in fine running form. The boys came home in 6th and 8th place which I think everyone can agree is rubbish. If ye are not coming back with individual medals then don’t come back at all!! It’s our new tough love policy brought in by the new committee. We will let them off on this occasion as they combined to bring home the silver medals for the Nenagh Olympic team.

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