Race Report – Joey Hannan

What more do you want on a fine April morning,  a local tri,   a well organised tri and fabulous weather. Well…… maybe the benefit of some more training done !!…… but I don’t think you`re ever happy with how much training you`ve done.  It seems that the fitter we get the more unhappy we are with our times and the grumpier we get ………. no names mentioned in Nenagh TC or CC !!

Rain showers and a head wind on the return leg of the bike were forecast but never materialised.   The sun shone and the wind was non existent so conditions could not have been better.

6 club members made the short trip in to UL and we punched well above our weight when compared to the bigger clubs who had huge numbers in attendance.  No less than 3 podium places for Nenagh TC.  Darren Dunne finished third in the sprint and again showed his talent. Darren looks like he is going to be the club star for many years to come.  Rachel Clancy was a fantastic third woman home in the Olympic distance race.  I`m not sure if we are allowed to claim Rachel`s results but I think we should at least take some credit for the bike leg of her races……… after we dragged her around on all those long winter training spins !   Might have to insist that she puts on a Nenagh CC top in T1 from now on.  Aidan Kileen`s daughter Amy, who again I’m not sure we can claim,  but I`m going to do so by association, was third girl home in the Try a Tri event in what was her first ever Tri.  Superb result for Amy and I`ve no doubt its the first of many.

Ramon Rodreguez,  PJ Brett and Anthony Sherlock made up the rest of the 6 or what appears to be now known on a Thursday night as the “leisure” side of the club . ……I don’t know about the lads but the last few kilometers on the run felt like anything but leisure for me !

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The day started with an early registration.  Limerick Tri Club as usual had everything very well organised so registration only took a few minutes despite the queues.  The  entry “gift” of cycling gloves for each participant and marshal  is a nice touch and I think that the bags, towels, etc  that LTC provide at their races help to sell them out and  keep people coming back.

Ramon provided the home baked pre-race nutrition.  Mrs Rodriguez is a very fine cook, although Ramon still insists he should get the credit.

The waves for the swim had been switched this year with the Olympic distance waves going off before the sprint. This meant that the races effectively merged on the run and there was a great atmosphere on the course with a large number of participants on the route at the same time.

The swim waves were sent off in a timely fashion with no delay.  The only complaint about the swim was that the marshals in our lane had forgotten to head tap with two lengths to go.  This led to confusion with people thinking they had counted wrong themselves and expecting a row if they tried to get out when they thought they were finished.

After the confusion and considerable bitching in T1 it was out on  the road for a well marshalled bike leg.  The route was relatively flat with only a couple of slight drags on the road out to Cappamore.  Think Seaneen`s and Charlies…….. nothing like those.

The run course had been changed this year. …..  and in my opinion for the better.  It consisted of an out and back route of 2.5 km each way with two loops for the Olympic distance.   Temperatures had picked up at this stage and the sun was still shining.   The route was flat, through UL, over the living bridge and out a country lane-way on the Clonlara side, with a short sharp hill at the turn around point.

Out and back routes cause a lot of mental anguish for guys like me.   Not only do you have to get over the ” I cant believe I have to do this all over again mindset ”  but you also end up doing never ending calculations of ” I met him at half a km back on the last loop… I’m losing pace …  maybe he`s going faster, wait, she was in front of him on the last loop…..must go faster…..etc etc.

The atmosphere at the finish line was again excellent once you managed to catch your breath,   with music, food and lots of excited families.

Some of us are only racing ourselves and our own times so its all about enjoying the event……….. can`t all be Darren Dunne !  Limerick TC know how to put on an event and this was a great event and experience.

We need more existing Nenagh TC members participating in Tri this year,  particularly at these local events.   We also need more new members in the club.   If you are a silent stalker of the Nenagh TC Facebook page or website,  thinking,……. that looks cool……might try it some day or…… I’m not fit enough for that but would love to be,……….just get out and give it a go.  Turn up at one of many sessions each week and take the first step.  You will be made more than welcome and you definitely won’t regret it.


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