Brand Spanking New Website

As you can see, the club have a brand new website. It’s lovely and shiny now so don’t be spoiling it by putting photos of Keith Butler on it!

If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see on the website (keep it clean!) then let us know. Mary Donnellan will be the ‘Nerd in Chief’ for the next year so direct queries to her – mary@nenaghtriathlonclub.com. The new domain has the word club in it: www.nenaghtriathlonclub.com. If you use the old domain name then you will still get forwarded to this site.

The former Nerd in Chief, Shane Scully, will be blogging on his own website (yes he is the vainest man in the club) – www.shanescully.com


Membership 2013

Membership fees for the 2013 season are now due.

The season runs from October 2012 to October 2013 so make an effort next week to pay your membership fees please. Majella Moyles will be collecting the money for this. Her hired goons will be calling around to your house in November if you haven’t paid up by then.

It is €30 for adults and €15 for juniors.

For those of ye that are finding money hard to come by, Majella said you can pay in installments of 50 cent per week (25 cent for juniors). Payable in 1 cent and 2 cent coins only.


What you get in return:

Remember you are getting great value for this €30 with free cycling, running and swimming sessions each week. You get money off club gear. You get to go away on an all expenses paid trip to Disney World a free training weekend in Lahinch. You get free food at all our events. You also get free entry to those events. So basically by joining you actually earn money!!!


Upcoming Saturday Cycle Routes

8:00am cycle: This week we’ll be taking a well earned break from the hills. The route will be a flat 60+ mile route, so most of ye should find it a lot easier.

9:00am cycle: Below are the cycle route details for the next 4 weeks. Every route will have an option to do a return trip back to Nenagh, or take a different route back to Nenagh. Miles in brackets basically means the miles one will have cycled by the time they arrive back to Nenagh.

Saturday 20th October – Route 1
Nenagh – Toomevara – Moneygal – Dunkerrin (28 mls) – Cloughjordan (37 mls) – Borrisokane – Nenagh (45mls)

Saturday 27th October – Route 2
Nenagh – Toomevara – Ballinamona Cross (15 mls) – Dolla (19.5 mls) – Silvermines (22 mls) – Limerick Road (30 mls) – Ballina – Portroe – Nenagh (41 mls)

Saturday, 3rd November – Route 3
Nenagh – Borrisoleigh (29 mls) – Templemore – Dunkerrin – Moneygal – Toomevara – Nenagh (44mls)

Saturday, 10th November – Route 4
Nenagh – Birdhill (27 mls) . On this route you have two choices from Birdhill

a) Birdhill – Ballina – Portroe – Nenagh (30.5 mls)
b) Birdhill – Dalys Cross (35.5 mls) – Castleconnell – O’Briens Bridge – Ballina – Portroe – Nenagh (45 mls)


Last Saturday Cycling

Club Cycle (9:00): Well done to all who turned out and completed the 40 mile club cycle this morning. We managed to average 17mph in perfect cycling conditions. It was great to see some new club members joining us, and hope to see a few more new and old club members turning up for next Saturdays cycle.

During the week we will be putting up on both the website and facebook a planned cycle route for the next four weeks. All routes will average up to 45 miles, with the option of turning back at a few different locations on route. Remember to bring a drink and something to eat on each cycle.


Racing Club Cycle (8:00): Another great turn out for this. Just to repeat a few points on the spin:

  • This cycle is aimed at people who are genuinely looking to do bike races next year. It is not a touring group.
  • The 9:00 cycle is the most suitable cycle for the majority of the club.
  • Everyone can try out for the team but if you get dropped then there is no waiting up for you. It’s nothing personal.
  • If you get dropped and still want to train with us and race next year, then you need to go away and train more during the week. You need to raise your performance. It will get easier as you build your fitness and strength.
  • The top cyclists in that group are not going easy but they are not racing it either. If you feel like you are racing it from start to finish then this session is not suitable for you at this time of year.

Training Update

Mary Donnellan is taking over the updating of the website and Facebook from now on. Shane is stepping down from this after 5 years due to a case of online bullying being taken against him by Keith ‘Fathead’ Butler and Kevin Sherlock. Direct all questions, complaints, abuse at her from now on!

Running: There is a small group 3-4 (lovely ladies) that do a 4 mile run on a Wednesday evening at 6:00pm from the GAA pitch. We do about 4 miles at around 10 minute a mile pace so it is ideal for beginners.

Also, there is a run session every Friday for all levels. We meet at the brothers at the top of the steps at 6:15pm. It will be on the track and then will move to the Drummin road when the evenings get too dark.

Swimming: We are trying to see if there is an interest in coached stroke work sessions. This will probably be proceeding on a Wednesday evening at 8:00pm If you are interested could you let me know by Facebook or text me (Mary) on 086 3994584. We would like to do it for the month of November.

Cycling: Beginner cyclists are welcome on a Saturday morning at 9am. This starts at the pool. There will be stronger cyclists at this meet but there will always be a beginners route and someone to lead it.

Membership: The annual membership fee is €30 and €15 for juniors. This can be paid via Triathlon Ireland, or forms can be printed from the club website. We will also have forms at the next circuit training session. We would also encourage that people purchase Triathlon Ireland membership for insurance purposes.