Nenagh CC Updates

This weekend was an excellent one for the club. It’s good to see our racing cyclists coming into a rich vein of form. 3 of our riders, Mikey, Denis and Chris were in the points this weekend. The hard work put in by everyone over the last 8 months is starting to pay off. Back in Nenagh, our cyclists are regularly hitting the 150km+ distance barrier every Saturday and Sunday. Fitness levels are excellent in the club and improving constantly. If you are from Nenagh and want to get your cycling to the next level then we would be delighted to have you. It might be hard at first but put the effort in and you will be rewarded.


  • Tuesday – club cycle – all are welcome. Meet at 6:30 at Stereame. Distance is typically 40 – 50km. If you are new to the group aim to cycle 20km on your first go and build on that as the weeks go by.
  • Wednesday – a few club members and triathletes are going to start heading to Dromineer this coming Wednesday. If you fancy doing an 18km time trial then turn up.
  • ThursdayNenagh Summer League – 7:00 at Gooig. This high intensity speed session should be a part of every club member’s weekly training schedule. If you want to cycle faster, you need to do sessions that push you to your limit.
  • Saturday – Main Club Cycle – start at 9:00 from the hotel
    • racing – Crotty Cup in Clare. Always popular with a few of our lads.
  • Sunday – club long distance cycle – starts at 7:30 at Tescos.
    • racing – Shay Elliot in Wicklow.

La Marmotte: training is going great at the moment. Everyone is really putting in a big effort and with just 8 weeks to go that is the way it should be. Many of our members are targeting big sportives like the Wicklow 200 and the Mt. Leinster Challenge. It is great to see people representing the club at these events. We do hope to organise our own training day at the end of this month. We can discuss this on the bike but it is looking like a trip to Kerry could be on the cards. The aim would be to spend 6 hours plus on the bike and get in as many big climbs as possible. Stay tuned for more details.

Keeper Cycling Challenge: good to see a few club members attending this local tour run by the Keeper Cycling Club. Con Kennedy, Donnchadh Floyd and Ian O’Halloran were all in attendance. Con managed to win the KOM on Shallee so that was a nice bonus.


Weekend Racing

What a good weekend it was for the club! After a slow enough start to the season, it’s good to see a change in our fortunes. There were two races on today that contained Nenagh CC members.

Deenside Cup: Kevin Sherlock, Mike Browne, Matty Kennedy and Chris Spelman all took part in this race. In the A2 race, Mike and Matty were both in with a good chance of getting a result. The course was a hilly and long one but that would suit both lads. Unfortunately both lads missed an early breakaway on lap 1. They spent a long time trying to get away from the bunch after this but the racing was getting very negative. Eventually Mike got away with 1 other and broke across to the break. They were soon joined by 5 others and that proved to be the winning break. With 5km to go to the finish, a few lads broke away out of the bunch. Mike kept battling behind and managed to finish in a fine 5th place overall and with that secured 6 points. Matty came in soon after in what was left of the bunch. It is great to have two lads competing strongly in this category.



In the A3 race, Kevin Sherlock was flying it until a mechanical at the end of the first lap brought an end to his race. He was raging but sure that is what cycling is all about, good days and bad days. The club had more success in the A4 race. For the second week in a row Chris Spelman finished in the points. He has got the hang of it now and so promotion to A3 will surely come this month. Chris was very comfortable on the climbs all day and had enough left in the tank to get up for 7th in the final gallop to the line. That was worth 4 points for Chris and that moves him onto 10 points for the season.


Newcastle West: Denis Allen, Jurgen Simpson, Will Rymer and Dan Hogan made the short trip into Limerick for this one. In the A1/A2 race Dan Hogan fought it out with some of Ireland’s best but unfortunately got distanced from the bunch on the final lap. In the A3 race we had a good chance of scoring with both Denis and Jurgen in decent form. Jurgen’s race didn’t last too long as he was brought down in an early crash. Denis had far more luck as he found himself in the winning break of about 12. In the final sprint Denis got up for 6th place overall and 1st junior and with that he secured 5 points. Finally, in the A4 race Busta Rymer had a good day on the bike. He finished in the bunch but a tractor impeded his final sprint so he had to settle for a top 20 finish. We also had a club member in the U/12 race – Aoise Wycherly put in a great ride and finished well up the field.







Great going everyone. The total points scored today was 15. These are the point totals we are well capable of securing each week. Just keep going; keep racing and don’t give up. The results will come.

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Nenagh Summer League: Race 5 Report

For the 2nd successive week the league race was won from a break away. This is good to see and it should get people thinking a little bit differently about how to approach their racing. You need to start plotting how to get out of the bunch if you want to be one of the first across the finish line. It pays to be aggressive. The perfect summer league training session should include some fast rolling over, at least one breakaway attempt and a sprint finish attempt.

There was a good crowd there at the start line for this one. The fine weather makes it an easy decision to jump on the bike. We had 3 groups on the road with the handicaps at 0, 4 and 6. Each group faced into a tough headwind on the way to Nenagh. The groups made slow progress but as soon as they turned in Nenagh the wind on their backs made it a very different race. Groups 2 and 3 had merged just before the roundabout with Paul Kennedy lining out the back bunch in pursuit of the groups ahead.



The breakaways started soon after the turnaround point. Group 3 had not yet been caught but that didn’t stop Mike Browne, Denis Allen, Peter Leahy, Con Doherty and Ronan Costelloe from jumping away from the combined bunch behind. This breakaway pushed a great pace and passed group 3 before the Yellowbridge. They were soon out of sight as the bunch stalled behind. Eventually a chase got started but it was far too little, far too late.

Coming into Birdhill there were 5 lads out ahead. Behind them were bunch 1 and a little bit behind them were the combined chase bunch of groups 2 & 3. The finish line was placed at the top of the ramp today. This makes for a very tough final 1km to the finish. You have to have some strength left in the legs if you want to get up it in 1st place. For the 2nd week in a row Mike Browne proved the strongest in the final surge to the line. He was followed by Ronan Costelloe in 2nd and Peter Leahy in 3rd. Great stuff lads.

Thanks to our marshals Bertie, Matty, Gillian and Will for helping out. Next week the marshals will be Bertie Sherlock, Mike Browne and Kevin Sherlock. If any of ye have a problem making it then let us know early so we can find replacements.

Up Next: Nenagh Summer League Race 6 – next Thursday, May 11th.

Video of the Finish

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Weekend Cycling

The good weather will continue right into the weekend so what a great time to get back out on the bike. The club will be cycling on Saturday and Sunday at the usual time and place. There are two good racing options to choose from as well this week so we expect to see some good results in our end of week report.


Time: 9:00 at the hotel

Route: We will head for Roscrea, Birr, Borrisokane direction. In Borriskane there will be an option to go further. Usual interval sessions will apply. For those that want a lot more, head out early and meet up with us at 9:00.




Time: meet at 7:30 at Tescos.

Route: we will be doing the extended lake route –  turning right at Roundhill to finish off with some more hills.

Racing: two options. Both options are excellent for racing so make sure to get your ass to one of them. The Munster race is over in Newcastle West and the Leinster race is the Deenside cup in Kilkenny.



Run Series 4/4 – Results

Run Series Results

The last of this years run series and a big difference in conditions from last week, with the sun shining and a pretty challenging headwind for the last 2k but again good times and predictions throughout the field.

Winners of the spot prize on the night for most accurate predictions were Patricia Butler in the 5k and Robert Duggan  in the 3k so well done both!!!

We will be taking a break for the next couple of weeks but next up on the Wednesday evenings will be the return of the Dromineer Series with a mix of duathlon / triathlon / aquathons to keep everyone entertained…..and as ever if anyone wishes to come out and join in for the run part we have 5k and 2k runs on offer….so something for everyone!!!!


Name Dist Predict Actual Difference
Patricia Butler 5k 20:40 20:40 0:00
Loretto Duggan 5k 22:50 22:53 0:03
Barry Creamer 5k 20:30 20:27 0:03
Huang Zhao 5k 25:00 25:04 0:04
John Meagher 5k 20:20 20:24 0:04
Eddie Hynes 5k 20:00 19:55 0:05
James Ryan 5k 17:55 17:48 0:07
Cliodhna McGrath 5k 23:00 22:43 0:17
Sinead Lee 5k 25:10 25:27 0:17
Geraldine Kyne 5k 27:00 27:20 0:20
Charlotte Jones 5k 24:10 23:48 0:22
Margaret Hogan 5k 25:20 24:42 0:38
Eoin Woolley 5k 18:59 19:38 0:39
Ger Carey 5k 27:50 28:50 1:00
Majella Moyles 5k 25:01 23:53 1:08
Stephen Greene 5k 22:00 20:38 1:22
Michael Kyne 5k 27:00 25:24 1:36
Mary Donnellan 5k 30:00 27:52 2:08
Oisin Scully 5k 30:00 26:40 3:20
Alfredo Gonzalez 5k 25:00 29:40 4:40
Jaime MacVeigh 5k 25:00 32:05 7:05
Robert Duggan 3k 14:50 14:40 0:10
Aoife Duggan 3k 17:50 17:22 0:28
Criona Boland 3k 16:00 15:11 0:49
Maebh Carey 3k 16:30 15:38 0:52
Audrey McNamara 3k 18:30 17:37 0:53
Faye Molamphy 3k 17:00 16:06 0:54
Elaine Treacy 3k 19:00 17:10 1:50
Una Wycherley 3k 18:00 21:15 3:15
Aoise Wycherley 3k 17:00 21:15 4:15


Thanks to our Marshals on the night for doing the course and times and to everyone for making the effort to attend the series over the last month!!!!


Time Trial Series 4/4 – Results

Time Trial Series

Perfect conditions for the final in the Time trial series and some fast times on all three of the circuits. This concludes the time trials for this season so thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend this session.

Stay tune for more details on our new cycling session starting next Tuesday…we will have an update on this later in the week.

Name Distance Time
Shane Scully 36k 54:20
Ger Kirby 36k 55:40
David Molamphy 20k 37:05
Ken Hassett 20k 37:50
Geraldine Kyne 20k 39:15
Ronan O’Driscoll 20k 40:30
Odie O’Driscoll 20k 42:40
Brenda Ryan 20k 42:55
Conor Kirby 10k 17:55
Darragh Kyne 10k 19:55
Michael Kyne 10k 20:05
Aoise Wycherley 10k 23:20
Aoife Duggan 10k 24:15
Faye Molamphy 10k 24:45
Robert Duggan 10k 31:30
Lauren 3.6k 29:00

Nenagh CC Updates

And so, another month has come and gone. May promises to be a big month for the club, with Eamon Hartnett taking to the start line at Ireland’s biggest race the An Post Rás. There are also races in Newcastle West, Deenside Cup, Crotty Cup, Coachford classic and Clonmel to consider doing. The pressure will also be ramping up on the La Marmotte crew so expect big mileage all through the month of May. Back to the week just gone and we saw some big mileage cycled and a good result from down in Kanturk, where Chris Spelman got himself into the points on GC.


Weather forecast for this week is excellent. Sunshine and high temps all week and into the weekend. If you ever needed an excuse to get back on the bike then this should be it.

  • Tuesday
    • option 1 – club cycle 6:30 from Stereame
    • option 2 – TT with the tri club – 6:30 at the pool
  • Thursday – Nenagh Summer League – 7:00 at Gooig
    • marshals: Matty Kennedy, Sinead Kennedy and Will Rymer
  • Saturday – main club cycle – 9:00 at the Hotel
  • Sunday
    • Training: meet at Tescos at 8:00
    • Racing: Newcastle West Classic or Deenside Cup.

Weekend Racing

Wexford: just one club member went to this race on Sunday. It was an awful day for cycling but Will Rymer couldn’t refuse the opportunity to show off his colour co-ordinated wet racing gear. Will looked like a champ on the start line but his race didn’t last long as, not for the 1st time this year, he punctured out. Tis a long way to go for just a few kms of racing! Will did win a prize for best dressed so well done Will!!

Kanturk 3 Day: Eamon Hartnett continued his Rás preparation down in Kanturk in the A2/A3 race. He was joined by Chris Spelman who took part in the A4 race. Both lads got through the 3 days and 4 stages without any problems. It’s another box ticked for Eamon who will now be turning his focus to the big one in 3 weeks time. Eamon finished in 36th position overall and was happy with his effort.

Chris did the club proud in the A4 race. He finished in the bunch on Saturday and followed that up with a 9th place finish in the TT on Sunday morning. That put him into 8th place on GC. A bunch finish on stages 3 and 4 meant that Chris moved up to 7th overall and with that he secures 4 more points. Not quite enough to move up to the A3 ranks but that is only a matter of time.

Weekend Training

A group from the club attended the Desmond Sportive down in Newcastle West on Saturday. The 5 lads are part of the La Marmotte crew and the distance was no problem to them. Closer to home, we had big groups out on Saturday and Monday. Our 112km spin on Saturday was only a warm-up for the monster 170km spin on the Bank Holiday Monday. 14 club members set out on that 5 hr 20 min cycle. We were all full of beans at the start but by the end some were down to their final beans and some even had to borrow. Thankfully, we all survived it and made it home to the couch where we refused to move for the rest of the day.




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Spring Training – Week 4

Weekly Update

A busy week with a number of events on over the Bank Holiday weekend so well done to all who attended the events over the last week. This is the last week of the time trial and Run series for this season so we hope to end on a high so if the limbs are still able we hope to see you there!

Great Limerick Run

A number of club members made the short trip into Limerick to take part in this years run which is getting bigger by the year. Well done to all the lads who did the half marathon; Shane, Gary, Keith, Andy, John, Eddie, James, and Yvonne and Sheila who did the 10k route on the day….if we have missed anyone on the list apologies for that!

Joey Hannon 2017

In the post North Tipp sprint hussle the annual Joey Hannon in Limerick sneaked past us but we caught it in the end and even got pictorial evidence. Well done to Darren and Ramon who represented the club at this one (Darren just happened to win the Sprint event but told no one!).


Club Training weekend – Lahinch

Lahinch weekend_2017

Again we are trying to organise this club training weekend and will make a call on it this week based on numbers so if you intend on heading can you let Paul know asap so we can see if it is a runner or not.


Lough Derg Sprint / Try a tri 2017


Our second TI event the Lough Derg sprint is only 7 weeks away now!! This year in order to make the event more beginner friendly we are introducing a “Try a tri” component with a pier to pier swim and reduced bike and run legs…..something to offer to all levels!

Similar to last year this event finds itself on a very busy weekend on the TI calendar so will again need a bit of selling and for this we again will need input from club members. We hope that as many members as possible can do the event and if possible bring someone to do the event or to help with the marshal side of things.

More information on the event can be found by clicking the link below.

Lough Derg Sprint

Couch to “Try a tri”

Just a reminder about the previous post that we are organising a 4 week preparation session for the 2 try a tri events in June so if you know anyone who would be interested then let them know!

Couch to try a tri

Time trial series

The last of the current time trial series takes place on Tuesday so again try and make it if you are free and support this club event! Start time as ever 6.30 at Nenagh Leisure centre for sign on.


Run series

The last of the run series events will take place this Wednesday from 7pm at Nenagh College and will be back to the normal format with the usual time prediction and spot prize at the end, so if you are free come out and support this event!


Weekly training

Monday running session

This is a bank holiday weekend and as a number of our regulars were running in the Great Limerick run we will hold off on an official session for the week….back to normal next Monday though!

Swimming sessions: 2 morning sessions this week.  Tuesday morning will be a stroke development set while Thursday is a distance set.

Shorter versions for the novice lane will be supplied on the morning and will cover 1-1.5k.


  Tuesday 2nd May  
Warm-up 25m r.arm/l.arm/catch/full  
  25m full stroke on return  (200m)  
  1 x 50m b/c                                   x 3  
Main-set 2 x 100m f/c drill 1  
  2 x 100m f/c drill 2                   x 3             (1200m)  
  4 x 50m f / c  
  2 x 50m b / c                                               (300m)  
  3 x 50m  f/c kick  
  4 x 25m f/c sprint                                      (350m) 1850m
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 2800m


  Thursday 4th May  
Warm-up 4 x 50m f/c easy-stroke  
  1 x 50m b/c easy-stroke                        (250m)  
  4 x 50m f/c easy-breath 4th  
  1 x 50m b/c easy-stroke           x 2       (500m) 750m
Main-set 4 x 50m f/c build  
  1 x 50m b/c easy                         x 2       (500m)  
  1300m f/c breathe on 4th                         (1300m)  
  4 x 25m f/c sprint                                    (100m) 1900m
Cool-down 200m f/c easy 200m
TOTAL 2850m



Running session: No official run this week given most lads did the Great Limerick Run…regular session back next week.


The full weekly schedule:

Day Morning Evening
Tuesday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

Time Trial: 6:30pm

Leisure Centre

Wednesday Run series: 7:00pm

Nenagh College

Wed swim: 8:00pm

Leisure Centre

Thursday Morning Swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Lane 1: Novice lane

Cycling league: 7:00pm


Friday Fri swim: 6:30am

Leisure Centre

Saturday Saturday cycle: 9am

Abbey Court hotel

Sunday  Sunday cycle: TBC 


 Have a good week out there!


Nenagh Summer League: Race 4 Report

This week’s league race saw the first breakaway win of the year. With the quality of rider in attendance you would think that breakaway wins would be more common but surprisingly the opposite can be the case. The racing can be a little negative with many of the bunch just content to reel back in break after break instead of trying to get in breaks of their own. It’s still great fun though trying to get away even if it is mission impossible, although if you can get a strong group of lads out front together they can stay away and that was proved today.

There were 3 groups on the road but a smaller scratch bunch than usual meant that the handicaps were reduced a little down to 0, 4 and 5.5. The weather on the evening was pretty cold so each group were eager to get started so as to warm-up. The shorter gap between the last 2 groups meant that they were within sight of each other early. The full gap was closed at the Yellowbridge on the way out to Nenagh. The scratch group didn’t want the pace to drop so they kept driving it through in pursuit of the first group up the road.

At the turn-around point it was clear that all 3 bunches would merge soon so it would be everyone for themselves once that happened. The chase pack caught group 1 at the nursing home and immediately an attack was put in by Denis Allen. He was joined by Peter Leahy, Mike Browne, Shane Scully and Matty Kennedy. This was a strong group and they started working together quickly. This made it hard for others to jump across. Plenty of riders tried but this first break would prove to be the winning break away of the day.



A chase group of Darren Dunne, Donnchadh Floyd, Ian O’Halloran and one other would tried to get across but they just couldn’t make it. They would be absorbed by the bunch and would have to try and work with that bunch to close the gap. Up ahead, the break were increasing their lead with each rider sharing the workload equally.

Coming down the hill before Birdhill, it was clear that they wouldn’t be caught. This was great for the 4 Nenagh CC riders in the break but not so great for Peter from Upperchurch. The plotting and scheming from the Nenagh CC lads was just underway when Peter put in a break to try to split the rest. This was a good move but he was closed down. From then until the finish in Birdhill he had to react to multiple breaks off the front. Most of them he closed down but turning onto the ramp towards the finish Mike and Shane had both managed to get up the road and Denis and Matty were able to go around Peter for a final 1,2,3,4 finish for Nenagh CC, with Mike 1st, Shane 2nd, Denis 3rd and Matty 4th.


Thanks to our marshals Bertie, John, Gary and Pat for helping out. Next week the marshals will be Matty Kennedy, Sinead Kennedy and Will Rymer. If any of ye have a problem making it then let us know early so we can find replacements.

Up Next: Nenagh Summer League Race 5 – next Thursday, May 4th.

Remains of the Bunch Finish Video

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Couch to “Try-a-tri”

The club are running 4 weeks of preparation sessions for the upcoming “Try a tri” events in June. Sessions will go ahead subject to adequate interest so spread the word to anyone who may be interested!!!

Couch to try a tri




Weekend Cycling

It’s a bank holiday weekend so let’s use this opportunity to get some decent mileage in the legs. To do that, we will need the weather to play ball and early indications are that some of the mornings might not be that great, fingers crossed they will be fine. I would still imagine all 3 cycles will go ahead but check Viber/Facebook each morning  for any last-minute change of plans or routes. The Kanturk 3 Day is the big race on the calendar this weekend but we would also hope that some of our members would make the trip to Wexford for the one day race down there on Sunday.

Saturday Cycle

Racing: Kanturk 3 day starts. Best of luck to any club members taking part.


Start: 9:00 at the hotel

Route: we will be heading on our regular knock inducing cycle route tomorrow. I don’t what it is about this one but multiple deaths are recorded each time we do this route. We will head to Roscrea, Templemore, Thurles, Kilcommon, Dolla and back to Nenagh. Group splits will occur in Roscrea.


Sunday Cycle

Racing: Frank O’Rourke Memorial, Wexford. Separate A2, A3, A4 races.


Start: 7:30 at Tescos

Route: we will be doing the extended lake route for this.


Monday Cycle – think we might go long for this one.

Start: 7:30 at the hotel.

Route: this will be a long one but we will try and keep a decent pace so that we get back home for 1:00pm. The direction we head for this might change depending on the wind. We will be heading down to Cashel for this one. We will stop for 15 minutes somewhere around the 100km mark.