Open Training Day – Nenagh Junior Cycling Club

The Nenagh Cycling Club would like to invite any boys and girls that have an interest in cycling to attend the first open training day of our new junior cycling club. If our older members have kids that they think might be interested then bring them along. This junior club will cater for children from 10 years old upwards.

When: Saturday, December 7th, from 2:30pm till 4:00pm

Where: Nenagh CBS

Cost: Free

What do I need to bring? You just need to bring a bike and a helmet. Any type of bike will do on this occasion. If it is a cold day then make sure to wrap up warm as it can get cold on the bike.

Age Groups: U/12, U/14, U/16 + junior category (up to 19)

So what age do I need to be? The club will cater for children from 10 years old upwards. Cyclists in the junior category will be encouraged to cycle with the senior team once they are strong enough.

What will we be doing: There will be 4 or 5 coaches present on the day to help out. There will be a quick talk on cycling to start off with; then we will move on to the track for some bike handling / technique work and a workout which will involve some fast and slow interval work and some sprinting. The main aim for this first open day training session is for everyone to have fun and to enjoy the experience.

Contact: Kevin Sherlock (086)8602011

Cycling is a hugely enjoyable sport. Why not give it a try and see if you like it?


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