On behalf of the female cyclists

(that headline sure got Keith’s attention!)

A Word of Thanks…….

It has to be said that Nenagh Triathlon Club is truly a great club to be a part of.  The level of motivation and encouragement you get from others in the club regardless of your ability, really has to be experienced to be believed, so much so that one can actually become delusional, thankfully though my credit card persuaded me that I wasn’t quite ready yet for that full Ironman after having only completing a handful of triathlons!!

On behalf of all the female cyclists in the club though I would like to say a very special word of thanks for all the support and encouragement, to the guys who are without a doubt true gentlemen; Dan Hogan, Charlie Hogan, John Carroll, John Spillane, Harry Higginbotham, Mikey Connors  to name but a few. As a female cyclist, I have to admit that while I was determined from the beginning that I wanted to improve my cycling ability I was part of the scared s***tless brigade lining out for the weekly spins. However not once did I ever experience even a hint that maybe I didn’t really belong (I really didn’t!) on the contrary if I got dropped (which was quite often) I felt like Barack Obama with the number of wingmen that would suddenly surround me, shield me from the elements and bring me back to the fold.  And I was by no means special; no one was left behind or made to feel like they were holding up the show.  And as for falling behind on hills I could singlehandedly take full credit for the level of improvement in some club members, notably Dan Hogan and Brian O’Neill for the number of hill repeats they had to complete waiting for me.

The level of cycling of every group in the club has improved beyond belief this year and I know the Limerick League will be credited to a large extent in the upper echelons of the club but I think a huge amount of credit has to be given to the combining of the Tri Club and the Wheelers for the weekly spins.  The camaraderie is just great and sure if it wasn’t for some of the lads (thanks John Spillane, Duncan Hodgins etc!!) we’d never have known North Tipperary was more mountainous than Switzerland!

I have loved every minute of the cycling this year even the tough days, there is such a buzz and sense of achievement about it, not to mention the craic, the chat, the coffee stops, the KOM awards (downhill only!), the bike envy, the litany of injuries acquired.  Thanks again to all and long may it continue!

I (Shane) just want to add something to this excellent post. The club has always had a tradition of more senior members helping the newcomers. Once again, the Saturday cycle will become a beginner friendly cycle from October onwards – just like last year (and the 5 years before that where myself and others would take people out). Now that most of ye have improved a lot, it is time to return that favour to the next generation of newbies. You don’t just let people pull you up to a decent standard and then cycle off into the distance. You need to turn round and pull up the next person yourself. Give something back to the club. The racing cyclists in the club have a policy of not waiting, but remember this club was formed in 2007 and we have spent many years already waiting on people. On behalf of the racing group I would also like to thank the more experienced riders that help out the inexperienced riders in our club. We couldn’t cycle the way we want to cycle without yere help too.

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