Off to a Good Start – Nenagh Cycling Club

Getting up early on a cold, frosty November morning for a long day in the saddle is not easy. It’s far too easy to hit that snooze button for a long day in bed. That option was presented to our club members today and 21 hardy bucks said goodbye to the snugness or their beds and hello to the first group cycle of our new cycling team.

There was a good mix of girls, boys and Ronny there at 9:00 in the morning. After a stirring, tear inducing motivational speech from yours truly, with such motivational gems as ‘don’t embarrass us out on the road’ and ‘don’t be a dick!’, we hit the road for Toomevara. There was a wide variation of abilities in the group so, understandably, there were a few speed issues – our normal club cyclists are actually far better than we thought, and their instructions of HTFU! (Google it) got us moving along nicely on the way over to the Limerick road!

Almost everyone made it over to the Limerick Road and there was a good atmosphere in the bunch the whole way over. At this point, a few people turned for home. Others battled on to Birdhill. At this stage the speed had picked up a bit so by the time we reached Birdhill there were a few people a little bit behind – with one group staying behind to fix a puncture. In Birdhill, we regrouped and had a quick stop; those that wanted to head for home regrouped and went on their merry way (a number of different ways home were chosen). Those who wanted to chance the little bit of interval work said a quick prayer.

As explained previously, the group were operating a no wait policy from this point onwards. Our interval work took us from Birdhill, to Daly’s Cross, O’Brien’s Bridge and Killaloe. At this point quite a bit of damage had been done to the group. The people who were distanced formed their own group and made their way back to Nenagh. While the lead group ploughed on ahead before splitting in Portroe with just a small bunch taking on the final climb of the day and interval work back to Nenagh.

I think everyone enjoyed the morning and it proved a good test. There are certainly areas we can improve on but we can work on this over the next few weeks and months.There were still many regular faces missing from the bunch today so we hope to be welcoming ye to our new club next weekend.

For those that might have found it tough in places, it is important that you put in some work during the week (try to make it to Tuesday turbo), and make sure you come back for more next week. Every week that you turn up you will get stronger and last with the bunch that little bit longer. The one sure-fire way of not improving is for us to never see you again. It’s all about persevering and never giving in!

Next-up: Sunday Lake Cycle – if anyone wants to reload the guns for battle tomorrow, the winter warriors (as some lovely people seem to like to call us every week – it is very much appreciated as you could imagine – MYOB (Google it) ) will be cycling around the lake (70 miles) tomorrow, starting at 8:00am from Melrose.

Next Week: The route map for next week will be published soon. So check back during the week.

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