Novice training

Novice training: 

After promising to introduce a novice component to the training week on a number of occasions we are finally going to put this plan into action starting next week. The plan is to have a novice run and bike session to complement the swimming session already started. The novice run will take place on Thursday (12th Nov) at 6.30pm and will meet at the Tech along with the main running session but will go on a different route. The novice cycle will take place on Saturday morning (14th Nov) at 11am and will meet at the Abbey court and so will be separate to the main bike session.

These sessions will continue if there is enough interest shown and numbers attending make it viable (5-8 people min). With enough interest these sessions will continue for 5 weeks leading up until the Christmas break and then resume in the New year. They are being designed for those who feel they are currently not at a sufficient level of fitness to attend the regular sessions and in particular for those novices or beginners who have an interest in taking part in the North Tipp sprint triathlon taking place in April.

Novice run session (Thurs 6.30pm at tech):

This run will be between 3-5k in distance and will be a mixture of continuous running and some short jogging intervals. A watch is always good to have for these sessions so bring one if you have one.

Novice bike session (Sat 11am at Abbey court):

There will be 2 routes for this, 10k and 20k in length. If you are new to cycling the route will be out-and-back on the same road so if at any stage it gets too much then it is just a case of turning around. The only requirement is a bike and a helmet!

These sessions are open to club members and non-members so if you know anyone who would be interested then let them know. Over the course of the 5 weeks we hope to gradually increase the overall distance within the session so committing at the start to attend all sessions really helps with the level of improvement.

Again, these sessions will continue as long as they are supported. The overall aim is to reach a standard of fitness to enable attending the main triathlon sessions.

If there are any inquiries then please contact a member of the committee.

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