New Nenagh CC Website

This will be the final Nenagh CC post on the Nenagh Triathlon Club website. It has been great while it lasted but we have been asked to move on to pastures new so that’s just what we did. We have built a brand new Nenagh CC branded website, so if you want to keep up to date with what is happening with our cycling club then pop over to the URL shown below.

On a more personal note……… between the old website and the current Nenagh Triathlon Club website I have written close on 1600 updates spanning over 10 years. I have enjoyed my time doing this and like to think that I have led the way in how club websites can communicate with members (club websites weren’t always like this especially back in 2007 when very few clubs had a website and Facebook wasn’t an option). I always put in the effort to make each update readable and entertaining and made sure to highlight the many achievements of our club members over the years. It takes up an extraordinary amount of time for very little appreciation. I think the struggles of the current triathlon committee with the website reflect how tough a job it is. I will continue writing for the Nenagh CC website but my time on this website has come to an end.

Seeing thousands of people reading our race blogs and reports was always the payback. Having some random guy coming up and saying they enjoy reading the website, even though they have nothing to do with the club, was always cool. Giving everyone in the club their few minutes of fame in a race report was rewarding too as well as watching the club expand from nothing to something.

All good things come to and end and we wish the Tri Club all the best in the future.

Word of advice in the future: you need to give people a reason to read a website.

Keep up to date with Nenagh CC @


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