Nenagh Triathlon Club – Winter training


After a well deserved 6 week break the triathlon side of things is back with a bang this week as we commence the first part of our Winter training schedule. The first part will take 10 weeks up until the middle of December and will have something to offer all levels, from the seasoned Ironman competitors to more recent members who have joined the club. Each week we will include a round-up of the sessions and a schedule for the coming week. For this week we will also give a short overview of the sessions on offer and what to expect.

The success of club sessions is determined by the dedication and attendance of as many club members as possible. Last year we saw good numbers throughout our Winter training schedule and we hope to see more of the same this year. So, why not get the current training season off to a head start and attend as many of the sessions as possible!!!!

Below we have broken the various triathlon elements and show the training sessions that are on offer for each component.


  • Monday 7:00-8:00pm: Bertie’s Circuit Training: – GAA complex = strength & conditioning

A fundamental aspect to our winter training schedule, there is no member of the club who would not benefit from this session! This is the only paid session that the club has and the funds from this are used to arrange and organise all other indoor events over the winter period. The club does what it can to keep costs down and to minimise the sessions that require an entry fee, therefore, it is for the benefit of all that we continue to support this session. It is the only strength and conditioning  that the club offers and there are plenty of hard sessions in the various disciplines during the week that really there is very little benefit in adding another to the mix instead of making the circuits a priority session.


  • Monday pm: Lane swimming
  • Tuesday 6.30-7.30am: Lane swimming
  • Wednesday 8pm: Lane swimming (Masters)
  • Thursday 6.30-7.30am: Lane swimming
  • Friday 6.30-7.30am: Lane swimming (Masters)

The setting up of the Masters swimming club has opened a wide variety of swimming sessions to members. This has been discussed in detail in a previous post but suffice to say that there is some availability for the Monday lane session and the Wednesday lane session so if you require further information then let a committee member know.

The regular Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions will recommence this week. The Tuesday session will follow the lead from the Masters club and will be focused on stroke and technique for Gala swimming while the Thursday morning session will be the usual triathlon specific set.

We would strong encourage as many of our regular morning swimmers to affiliate with Swim Ireland and attend some of the Galas with the Masters swimmers later in the year.


  • Tuesday 6.00-8.00pm: Turbo training: GAA complex
  • Saturday 9.00am: Saturday cycle (4 groups): Abbey court hotel
  • Sunday 8.00am: Sunday cycle (2 groups): Tescos

The benefit of having a cycling club within our own club means that there is no shortage of cycling training sessions during the week. As any triathlon competitor will be well aware of, the biggest indicator of how well you will do in triathlon is your ability during the cycling leg. It is over 50% of the total triathlon distance so there is no smarter training idea for the coming season than to use these sessions to make inroads on your triathlon times.

We strongly encourage all members to attend as many sessions as possible.

The Saturday cycle has a number of groups and  no better time to start than right now. The turbo session is also an ideal way to improve cycling and offers the ability to train at your own pace in an indoor setting. So hopefully we will see good numbers of triathlon racing competitors at these sessions.


  • Thursday 6.30-7.30pm: Interval session:  Dromin road

The winter schedule sees the return of our regular Thursday evening run session in the Dromin road. This will be the usual increasing distance interval set and was well supported last year so hopefully we will see more of the same this year.

As we have a number of runners who only train in this discipline we will look at the prospect of offering an additional run session during the week. More on this at a later date.


Novice Sessions:  As we had last year, a number of the sessions in the winter training schedule are novice friendly and we have listed those sessions below. All novice and newer club members should consider attending as many of these sessions as possible if looking to improve their triathlon skills and train in a group setting.

  • Monday 7.00-8.00pm: Bertie’s circuit training:  GAA complex
  • Monday pm: Lane swimming
  • Tuesday 6.30-7.30am: Lane swimming (Novice lane)
  • Tuesday 6.00-8.00pm: Turbo training: GAA complex
  • Wednesday 8.00-9.00pm: Lane swimming (Masters)
  • Thursday 6.30-7.30am: Lane swimming (Novice lane)
  • Thursday 6.30-7.30pm: Interval session (Novice group): Dromin road

All the above sessions can be attended by novice members and offer plenty of opportunity to develop your triathlon skills for the coming season.

In addition to these sessions we will also be offering some novice cycling sessions at the weekend and these will commence later on in the month. Keep an eye on the website for further details!!!

Junior Sessions:  As previously mentioned we are opening membership for the following season to junior membership. We will be offering a number of triathlon based sessions and junior fun races over the course of the year.

We are currently in the process of finalising our junior membership details and will post more on this later in the week so again keep an eye on the website posts for more details!!!

Club Membership: The current membership fees will not be changed for the current season and we will be looking to open membership in the next week or so.

In addition, all members are requested to join Triathlon Ireland either for a full racing licence or if you only wish to train with the club an associate licence. This licence is required in order to be insured when attending club training sessions and events. Non-members may attend club based sessions but only on a limited basis where at this stage triathlon Ireland membership licence has to be purchased.

Club updates: the club offers regular weekly updates on the website and in addition you can also follow us on Facebook or join our Viber account.


The club committee are hoping to build on the participation levels we saw last year and for this to happen we need the help of members to make the various sessions a success.

We are a small club in number so this makes it all the more important that members try whenever possible to support the various club activities and events over the coming season!!! So hope to see the majority of the regular faces and some newer ones over the coming weeks!!

As usual any questions or issues that you have just contact a member of the committee or post a message on the Viber or Facebook page.


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