Nenagh Summer League – tomorrow at 7:00pm

The club’s attention turns towards the start of our summer league tomorrow at 7:00pm SHARP.

Please help spread the word – we have a poster for the race below – save it to your computer and upload it to your Facebook page.

The Plan

Sign-on: will be open at Gooig from 6:40pm. Bring your license with you. The cost is just €5.

Start: 7:00pm SHARP – don’t be late as we need to get this race over before the sun goes down!

There will be 3 ability based groups on the road, so put yourself in the most suitable group.

  1. Group 1 – will receive a 6 minute head start and they are asked to try and keep things together as much as possible for the first week or three. This is more of a leisure group so anyone that races week in week out shouldn’t be in this group as you won’t be allowed to push on the pace and tear the group to shreds. Nice and steady, 2-up rolling over should be the plan until the faster bunches catch up. You then jump on the back and hold on for dear life! Each week try and do a little bit better
  2. Group 2 – will consist of more experienced riders and some racers. This will be the largest group on the road. They will receive a 3 minute head start on group 3. The speed should average around 40km per hour by the finish, but that will include the speed ramping up when group 3 catches up.
  3.  Group 3 – is for experienced racers and will be a shock to the system for some. We hope to see a lot more club members making the jump up into this group this year. Average pace for the first week should be around 42km an hour, but that speed will increase as the weeks pass by and we all get much fitter and quicker.

Finish Line – will be nearer the bottom of the Birdhill ramp. Each week the finish line goes a little further up the hill.

Prize – for the first race we are going with a simple first past the finish line takes all.


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