Nenagh Summer League: Results

Small numbers at the Nenagh Summer League this evening. With everyone resting up for Kilkee on Saturday and the rain falling, it was no surprise that we had just 20 on the start line. Instead of reducing down to 2 groups we decided to make 3 smaller groups so everyone would get a good workout. Just because numbers are low doesn’t mean it will be any easier, in fact it means it will be a lot tougher as you are forced into doing more work.

The gaps this evening were 4 min and 1 min. We wanted all 3 groups to come together so as to work on some breakaways, but in hindsight we should have made the gaps a little bigger as the 3 groups all came together very quickly. The back bunch swept up the front two bunches and sent plenty out the back early on. There was no waiting around as Kenneth Kennedy, Gary Scully and Dave Winshop pushed the pace. The bunch was lined out on many occasions and gradually the bunch whittled down to 12 or so.

Paddy Rohan led a fast pace into the hill at the Yellowbridge. This made breaking away tough, but Kenneth Kennedy gave it a go anyway. You might as well practice it even if you don’t get very far!! Kenneth was joined by Dave and the two lads got a 10 second gap before Aidan Gallery jumped across. Others were also trying to get across but were being left in no man’s land. This all made for an exciting race.

About 1 mile from Birdhill the bunch was finally brought back together and there were a number of strong surges off the front. Rounding the final corner and onto the ramp, it was Dave that put in a big charge. He led it up the hill and did a lot of damage. The rest of the bunch were strung out now with large gaps appearing. This 1km ramp is very deceptive though and it is hard to get it right. Go too early and you will blow up and get swamped by everyone else. It was Daniel Bresnan that timed his final burst to perfection, just pipping Dave on the line in a very close finish. They were well ahead of Kenneth Kennedy in 3rd, Matty Kennedy in 4th and Aidan Gallery in 5th.

Next up: the league continues again next week. Hopefully, we can get the numbers back up to the mid-thirties. If you were resting up this week then show us all what you can do next week!

Top 5

  1. Daniel Bresnan
  2. Dave Winship
  3. Kenneth Kennedy
  4. Matty Kennedy
  5. Aidan Gallery



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