Nenagh Summer League: Race 9 Report

It was a pretty miserable evening for cycling on Thursday for the latest round of the Summer League. We didn’t expect many on the start line but were pleasantly surprised that there was still enough there for 3 groups on the road. The plan was to trial a new longer version of the league but we altered the new route a little to take into account the wet conditions. We added in the new hill at Ballyhane but finished the race before the descent into Birdhill (we will save that for drier conditions next week!).

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The handicaps this week were 0, 3 and 5 but it wasn’t long at all before the back two bunches had merged. They came together on Kilmastulla Hill and thankfully everyone, made it to the top without getting dumped out the back. At the turn around point there wasn’t much distance between the first group and back group and they would soon come together after the Five Alley.



Peter Leahy was first to go on a break. Unfortunately for him he was left out alone with others fearful or unable to join him up the road. Many of the top cyclists that normally attend the league were either missing today or resting up and that led to a slightly negative race. Again, what we are trying to develop here is a race of break after break, not chase down after chase down. Your thinking should always be “how do I get myself into that winning break” not “I better not let them get away from the bunch”.

Amazingly, Peter stayed out front the whole way back to Birdhill. Instead of turning onto the ramp, Peter and the bunch behind went straight through and over to Ballyhane. Here, they swung left onto drag that brought them up to the roundabout on the Birdhill road. The nature of the race changed here with a number using the hill as a springboard to get up to Peter. Turning on the roundabout towards the finish, there were 4 now out ahead, with the bunch strung out behind as the hill caused a lot of damage.


Video of the chase at Yellowbridge

Coming to the line, it was Peter that got up for the win with Daniel Yon Hin in 2nd place and Derek Cullen in 3rd place. Thanks to everyone that showed up on such a poor evening for cycling. Let’s hope for better next week!

Finish Video

New route: feedback about the new route was mostly positive but there were some issues needing to be addressed too. Next week, we hope to do the full length of this route. After that we will alternate the route used again so as to keep things fresh.

Thanks to our marshals Sinead, Matty and Shane for helping out. Next week, the marshalls will be Gillian Mounsey, Sinead Kennedy and Jurgen Simpson.

Up Next: Nenagh Summer League Race 10 – next Thursday, May 25th.

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