Nenagh Summer League: Race 8 Report

We are close to the half way mark of this year’s league. The standard is high and we hope everyone is getting some benefit out of it.  If you have any plans of doing well in races around the country then you need to cut your teeth at a summer league near you. That is where you can practice your racing technique. In today’s league race we had high speeds, group rolling over, a successful breakaway, chase groups and a final 1.5km slog up the final ramp. Mike Browne came out on top for the home club but it’s not always about winning in these races, experimenting and pushing yourself to your limit is key.

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This was the last time we cycle the old route (check the new route at the bottom of this post). From next week on the route will be getting a little longer and tougher. This evening, our finish was the full way up the ramp and we had 3 groups on the start line. The first group was very large and had a number of strong riders in it so the handicaps were altered to take this into account. The groups set off at 0, 3 and 5 minutes. The pace was fast and consistent from the scratch group and they caught group 2 before the turnaround point.

Group 1 were still well ahead and it was looking dodgy as to whether the scratch group would catch them. The combined back group kept working for a few mile after the turn but once group 1 were close the breakaways started from the back bunch. Mike Browne was first to go and he was soon joined by Peter Leahy. This is a powerful combination that were soon joined by another powerhouse in Adrian Kirby. This breakaway soon chased down Group 1 and this gave them the extra fire power needed to stay away to the end.

Back behind, there were various attempt by cyclists to get across to the front bunch but nobody made it. By the time the groups got to Birdhill there was a gap of about 40 seconds. This would be plenty for the strong lads in the group ahead to stay away and that they did. The front bunch were scattered all over the ramp but out ahead was Mike Browne who got the better of Adrian Kirby, with Peter Leahy finishing in 3rd just ahead of Benny Delaney.

Finish Video

Thanks to our marshals Bertie, Sinead and Chris for helping out. Next week – we will be making up the marshal time-table for the 2nd half of the league later this week.

Up Next: Nenagh Summer League Race 9 – next Thursday, May 25th.

New Route: for next week! This new route extends the race by 5 miles so it should translate into 1 hour of hard racing. We still go into and back from the roundabout in Nenagh but gone is the ramp finish. Instead, we go straight through Birdhill on the way back. Swing left at the old pub in Ballhane onto a tricky hilly section which finishes at the roundabout on the Birdhill – Newport road. From there we swing left and go back to Birdhill – we ask everyone to descend with caution into Birdhill. It is a fast hill but you might have to stop completely at the bottom if instructed. From there we turn left and we head for a flat sprint finish on the straight before Ballyhane.

  • Rules of the road apply. If marshals can’t stop traffic then bunches will have to stop.
  • Do not cross the white line for any reason. Especially on the narrower roads from Ballyhane to Birdhill. This is only training so there is no need to take huge risks.

New Course Map


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